Are we in the tropics?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Today was perfect! There are no other words. C and I got up and went for a walk up to my favorite little cafe Nussbaum and Wu where we enjoyed brunch and iced coffee on a hot summer morning. It is so good to catch up with her after six months of absence!

After walking back from brunch and having our showers we decided to do a touristy type day.

On our way to the subway, I dropped in a place called Niko's, who I saw was hiring, and had an on-the-spot interview. While its not exactly the place I'd live to work for, at least it would be some type of income. I'm sure I'll be hearing back from them in the next day or two.

From here, we hopped on the express train and got off at 14st. I love the village! It is absolutely my favorite place to go. There are so many hidden neighborhoods and cobblestone streets. When there, I don't feel as though I am truly in Manhattan anymore but feel more like I'm in some European village somewhere. We made our way past some of my favorite, though unfrequented, spots. We walked by the Standard Hotel where suits flock during late hours and where I have been only once. It's definitely a hot place to go at night. From there we walked east and past Pastis, an awesome restaurant which I have visited only once but where I hope to go many more times (with someone who can afford it, preferably.)

I took C to over to Bleeker and showed her the famous, yet overrated, Magnolia Bakery and then over to Perry Street to see "Carrie's stoop." More impressive than the stoop, in C's opinion, was the quaintness of the street. You would never imagine such a small, seemingly secluded, street in the center of Manhattan. I would love to live in a brownstone of my own someday.

From here C and I made our way over to a place that I have never been; the "Friends" building! It is not far from Carrie's stoop, actually, and is a lot smaller than we both thought. Like the stoop, it is located in a quiet corner of the village and seems like a really cute place to live. Of course, everyone wants to live in the Friends building and I've heard it is nearly impossible to get a place there.

Another thing C wanted to see was the New York "Arc" that we have seen on Friends so many times. So after some research, we walked over to Washington Square Park and took some touristy pictures of it. I am surprised at how many people, young and old, were swimming in the dirty Washington Square Park fountain. But the day was incredibly hot so I suppose I might do the same....or maybe not.

I'll admit it. Our next stop was Crumb Bakery. Its not what you think! C had never been there and for the past few years she had heard me discuss it in great detail and I didn't want to be a bad friend and have her miss out on one of the most utterly delectable experiences of a lifetime! So we went to the Crumb by NYU and watched the students walk by while enjoying our red velvet and white coconut variations. They were so big that neither of us could finish them, which I consider to be a good thing.

Another thing which C has never really done was walk through Central Park. On our sugar high, we jumped on the Q train up to 59th street where we got off only to was raining. After a moment of discussion, we decided the best thing to do would be to face it. We were in New York! A little rain is not going to hurt. And it didn't. Central Park is lovely at any time, but I think I will definitely have to return during a rainy day. The crowds seem to clear out leaving the park bare. The grass is so green, the trees so twisted and old. Lush foliage grows up on almost everything and the lake is so peaceful with the pitter patter of the rain which hits it. C and I meandered our way through the denser pathways and felt more like we were in the humid tropics than the busiest city in the U.S.

By the time we got back to the real world, our feet were killing us so we went to see Knight and Day (fyi a movie in New York is $13....note to self: next time be on date) which was funny and entertaining, and then had dinner at a Upper West Side restaurant called Canteen 82, to which I will probably not return. The food was less than mediocre (especially for the city), and the service lacking. But, which all of the awesome food in the city, I'm sure I'll find a place I love. On the plus side, we got to enjoy a seat outside during the beautiful Manhattan summer. I love the city's hot summer nights!

Overall, this day was perfection and C and I had so much fun. Another fabulous day of my internship tomorrow! Good night, city lights.


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