My New Room mate: I think I'm in love

Thursday, August 30, 2012

For the first time in my ENTIRE LIFE I think I can truthfully say I am in a very happy living arrangement and it has completely lowered my stress levels. This time last year I was living with two room mates: one who was a penny-pincher in the worst ways possible and a complete airhead, another who was so pissed off and passive agressive that I was afraid to be in the same room as her.

Now I live with my sister, my new room mate A, and her orange kitty Bentley. Living with my sister is awesome. She's neat, we share, and we're comfortable around each other. We can both be honest with each other without getting all "girl-bitchy" or secretly fuming. A is really awesome. She is also very neat, so nice, and also knows how to share. I feel like we are a little family. Last night the three of us watched "The City" (shocker) and drank a bottle of wine. It's just so comfortable and homey. I'm so excited to not be afraid to sit in the living room!  It's like the three of us cat ladys found each other and are living in harmony.

I'm serious about the cat lady thing though. It's actually getting quite embarrassing...that's my average shopping cart.

25 Things

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ever since I started this blog I have always included a birthday blog with a list of things I've accomplished in the last year/life...whatever. While I am 3 days late on this posting, I knew I needed to post it because a) they are fun to look back on and b) I have been incredibly lacking in the blog world as of late. So here it goes, a list blog.

25 significant things I experienced before the age of 25:

1. Grew up in the same house that I still think of as home and had an incredibly happy childhood. I will always look back with fond memories and know that I was a child for as long as I wanted to be and I didn't grow up too fast.
2. Learned another language. Even though I am not fluent, I am surprised by how often I find it useful that I speak Spanish. Earlier today I even had to write an email in Spanish to someone in Spain. Who knew?
3. Went on student exchange. Experiencing another culture is so important and to do so at 15 helped to open my eyes to how other people in the world live.
4. Lost a best friend. Sometimes you need to know who will be there and who won't and how truly precious your friends are.
5. Was a geek in high school and college.  I never strayed from my true self and I have life-long friends because of that.
6. Learned to swim. I will always feel comfortable in any body of water and I'll have a form of exercise when I'm older and my joints aren't as good (like now!)
7. Learned the piano. I have a keyboard in my apartment and am so thankful that I can play whenever I want to. It's something I love to do when I'm alone.
8. Went to college out of state. While I absolutely hated it at the time, I really learned how to grow up and take care of myself. I learned that I am the only person who can choose to make myself happy. Being depressed about a situation is not going to change anything. Change must come from within.
9. Became a gym rat. I taught myself how to exercise and how important it is to stay active. I know that if I'm feeling sluggish a workout is just the thing to pick me up.
10. Had a high school sweetheart. I learned that love does exist and how happy one can be when they fall in love. And how terrible it is when your heart is broken. After that, anything can be overcome.
11. Had an older boyfriend. I learned that I can't just be a spoiled brat when it comes to relationships. It's about giving to-when you're ready.
12. Had a college boyfriend. Practically living with someone else for a year teaches you what is important to you in another person and in yourself. I learned to appreciate someone else but not to lose sight of myself and my goals.
13. Went to film school. I found my passion and learned how important it is to express myself. Film school taught me that my ideas are not stupid and that I should not be afraid to speak up or be open.
14. Directed my first film. I wrote and directed a film about a very tough subject and was incredibly rewarded because of it. I was almost too afraid to make it but a Drew Barrymore quote told me “If you don't take risks, you'll have a wasted soul.”
15. Went to Hawaii with my girlfriends. Because that was just the most fun ever and probably the last time I didn't have any responsibilities or anything to worry about. That's over.
16. Discovered that I wanted to be an editor. I suppose in a way I always knew that, but it feels good to have a passion to set my mind to. Listening to my friends as they still try to figure out what they want to do makes me feel lucky that I already know.
17. Made lasting friendships with incredibly talented people who I am sure I will work with in the future.
18. Followed my dream and moved to New York. A lot of people didn't believe that I would do it. But it was one of the scariest but most liberating things I've ever done.
19. Learned that just because she is your friend doesn't mean you'll make good room mates. Fighting with someone you're close to is never easy, but I'm so happy we're still friends now.
20. Lost the job I was promised from my internship. I'll never forget: I was on my way to the airport to spend a week with my parents in Scotland when I learned the job I thought I was coming back to had been pulled. I was absolutely terrified. What was I going to do? Where was I going to work?
21. Spent a month in Scotland with my parents. Seeing the highlands and Lake District in England was amazing and it felt so good to be able to recharge and figure out my life.
22. Took a temp job as a receptionist at a post-production company at which I am now an assistnat editor.
23. Battled cockroaches and bed bugs. No matter what living situation comes my way, I'll always know it could be worse. And I'll know that I can handle anything on my own.
24. Asked for a raise. I was terrified. But I did months of research and I got it!
25. Raised $10,000 to make a documentary about Trichotillomania, something I am passionate about and something I hope will make a difference not only in my life as a film maker but also in the lives of all the trichsters out there.

I'm sure there are things I left out but those are some major things that came to mind. I've done a lot in 25 years, but I also haven't done much. I look forward to the next 25 and hope that I continue to push myself to become the person I want to become.

Thanks for reading!