Three Days Left!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Its been a crazy few weeks. I graduated from college, had knee surgery for a torn meniscus (22 is way too young to have knee surgery by the way), and am now packing and getting ready to move to the city. I'm so excited! I'll be living with my best friend from high school and interning with a media company for two days a week. From there I hope to find a real job (which pertains to my degree in film). For now, I think being a server or dog walker will have to do. At least I'll have fabulous legs from all the walking.

My friend (I'll call her K) and I will be sharing a studio apartment on the upper west side. Yay for living in one room! We're gonna have a blast. The best thing about K and I is that we love to laugh. I think we can laugh our way through any situation, which is good when you're sharing such a small space. Neither of us like confrontation and we can talk through anything. We both like to work out and eat well....most of the time. Well she always eats well. Me? I have a special place in my heart for chocolate. But what normal girl doesn't? Together I believe we will embark on many crazy adventures!

The packing is going well. So far I think I've sent ten packages over. That's right. They are full of jewelry, perfume, the essential coffee maker and magic bullet, and, of course, shoes. The first thing I thought about when learning the size of the apartment was "where will the shoes go?" Ok, so I'm a bit of a shoe girl...I have quite a few pairs. When I was moving back from college I counted eight pairs of black stilettos. Does a girl need that many? Probably not. I'm not very good at putting together chic outfits but I can make any boring outfit fantastic with a good pair of Michael Kors. And I'm sure K will be excited about that because she gets to borrow everything! K and I have an agreement: She gets the bigger bed, but I get the bigger closet. I think I got the better end of the deal.

It will be weird moving away from home and I'm really going to miss my family, but this is my big chance to be out on my own and follow my dreams. For the first time in my life I don't know what the next step is. Will I get a job? Will I make enough income to support myself? Will I make good friends? Will I date anyone? Let me rephrase that: Will I date anyone worth dating? Will this be a true Sex and the City experience? Or will it be more like Rent? Only time will tell. And I'll be filling you in on everything.


scorsie said...

Can't wait to read more of your travels, pleasures, trials and tribulations. How exciting to move to the "BIG APPLE" fresh out of college. GOOD LUCK to you! And much love and success.

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