Opportunities left and right

Sunday, June 20, 2010

So today is day five. Almost all of my boxes have arrived and I'm feeling much better now that all of my things are here and organized. I have officially joined a gym, switched my bank account over to a New York bank and made a home for myself. The only problem is that I don't yet have a job.

I know its only my fifth day and I'll be okay for a little bit without employment-but it sucks to watch K get up every morning, put on her business casual, and walk out the door for work everyday. And I understand I'm lucky to have open days in Manhattan in the summer and I've taken advantage of them.

Central Park is beautiful. The other day I spent some time at a rare and used bookstore and I bought a book about New York in the 60's. I spent an hour or so reading it in the park and drinking an iced coffee. Sometimes I had to put the book down to watch the people walk by; there are so many interesting people here.

While having nothing on the schedule is refreshing...I'm feeling refreshed enough. I'm ready for work. I'm feeling restless and beginning to worry. The sooner I get a job the sooner I start making connections and moving my life forward.

On the upside, I have a job interview with a small wine bar tomorrow. The commute is a little farther than I'd like but it seems like something that would be up my alley and would make me feel like less of a bum. Also I was talking with K's friend KT and she said she knows a Broadway producer who may be able to get me a job working in theater. That would be nice. Also I had brunch with my friend E who knows someone who is working on a new HBO series featuring Kate Winslet. She is going to set me up to have lunch with her. That would be awesome! It seems as though there are opportunities left and right, so the sooner I get out there the sooner they will come my way. Wish me luck!


Katy said...

Good luck on the job search, Jilly. Sounds like you have some interesting things to pursue. I'm really enjoying reading your blog. Loved your airline bathroom & peanut butter stories. Love, ktsu

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