A cat on the subway?

Friday, June 18, 2010

This is New York City so anything goes. You can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner at 3AM delivered to your apartment if you so wish. I've seen men dressed in drag at 10AM, women wearing bathrobes and curlers in their hair on the subway, and even once a man walking a cat on a leash in Riverside Park . It takes a lot to shock a true New Yorker.

Yesterday evening I was on my way to a Yankees game with my room mate and her friend F who is himself, a born and raised New York City boy. Everything was business as usual until the B train stopped at 85th street and a man got on with a cat. Now this cat wasn't in a kennel or pet carrying box. The man was simply holding the cat in his arms. This poor cat was obviously terrified. His eyes were almost completely dilated and his owner must have been in pain because his claws were digging into the guy's shoulder with a death grip.

At this point, K, F, and I were holding back our laughter- I think I even heard K snort once. Even F, who has seen a lot of weird stuff in the city, was shocked by this odd couple.

Now this man was no ordinary man. He was probably in his 60's and was a bit frumpy. His belly protruded over his khaki pants ( though it made a good "seat" for the cat). As if this scenario wasn't odd enough, the man soon began kissing his cat all over- the mouth, ears, head, paws and so on, until he finally deboarded at 116th street. As he moved through the subway crowds he was saying, "good boy, good boy."

Just another day in the city.


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What about the Yankee's game?

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