And I'm off to DC

Friday, July 23, 2010

This week at work was pretty busy. We ran a lot of errands and rushed to put together a project.

Last night I had drinks and dinner with the son of a family friend, N. He was nice and we had a lot of fun. He's been talked up to me for a few years now, and everyone has joked that we were future husband and wife. We went to this place called High Bar, a rooftop bar/lounge right near Times Square which offers pretty awesome views of the city. After, we went to the West Village where we walked around until we found somewhere to have dinner. Dinner was ok, but not that awesome for New York, I don't think. After, we were planning on going to another bar to keep the night going but N suggested we sit on a stoop on Perry St. We sat and talked for a while but I could feel his interest in me slip when I told him I was not at all interested in having kids. He quieted down, seemed disappointed, and said we should call it a night. Very interesting.

Currently, I'm on the Bolt Bus (which thus far doesn't seem so bolty) on my was to DC to see my family. Both of my Aunt S's children are moving so shes throwing a going away party for them tomorrow. I look forward to that and seeing everybody. My mom flew in last night and I can't wait to see her this afternoon either. Both of her parents aren't doing very well so she's coming to see each of them and help out in any way that she can. The bus ride is a little over 4 hours but the good thing is that we get internet and that there are outlets. The bad thing is that its really cramped and hotter than hell in here! The AC doesn't seem to be doing much. This could be a long ride.

I'm not so sure about all this

Monday, July 19, 2010

Well this weekend was interesting. Friday night I went to Taj, a club in the west village, with me friend D where a bunch of girls tried to teach me how to dance. I ended up drinking too much vodka, I was trying to feel better about Sara, and suffered a lovely hangover on Saturday. Saturday evening, I went to my friend KS's house for a little dinner party with her and her boyfriend. Her apartment is really homey and she has an adorable cat named Martin. It was almost like Martin knew I had just lost my kitty; he cuddled in my lap for a while and I completely enjoyed spending time with a cat. KS made an awesome dinner. It's nice not to eat peanut butter and brown rice gluten free tortilla. Appetizing. On Sunday I went for a long walk and K and I ran some errands. Nothing too exciting.

I leave for D.C. on Friday. It turns out my mom is flying back too because both of her parents are not doing very well. Everybody says that bad news comes in threes, and this seems to be the case. Its been a very rough week and all of this on top of the stress of unemployment is really hard. I just hope I can get through this rough patch and come out on top.

I'm happy I'll be able to see my mom this weekend and get away from the city for a few days, although I don't look forward to the five hour bus ride. I have yet to hear back from my interview I had last week but some of my friends at my internship have told me about a couple of editing opportunities, though my fingers are not crossed. You can't get a job unless you have experience, but you can't get experience until you get a job. How am I supposed to ever be employed?

I'm in mourning...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Rather than go into the office yesterday, I chose to take the day off to mourn. I rented Bright Star, Roman Holiday, and, yes, The Happening. Although I had heard bad things, I wasn't about to give up on one of my favorite directors. The movie was obviously not his best work, and was executed poorly, but I think overall his idea was unique and interesting, it was just lacking.

I ordered Sara's headstone today. It was very tough. I'm taking it pretty hard, I think. But I'm happy that today's Friday so I have a couple more days of nothing. I can't stop thinking about her and how I wasn't there to sleep with her on her last night and that she wasn't feeling well. Its good and bad that I wasn't there. I think it will be more difficult for me when I go home next.

Sara's death has just added more stress on top of the job search. I'm feeling very discouraged and anxious. I don't want to move away from the city already. I'm quickly losing faith in myself which is unlike me, I think.

On a lighter note, a few days ago I was in an elevator with Alan Cumming at a building in midtown. That was pretty cool since I love Romy and Michelle. What's even more exciting is that I have to go back to that building today and rumor has it Gaga is there! I'd love to bump into her, though I don't know if I could contain my excitement. Chances are I won't even see her anyway.

Who knows what I'll do this weekend. D wants to hang out again, I may see my friend E, and, if K doesn't go to Connecticut for the weekend, I really want to go with her to Tortilla Flats, since I haven't been yet. Anything to keep up my energy really.

A sad day

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today was a very sad day.

Like yesterday, clouds covered Manhattan and rain drizzled throughout the day. The humidity increased tenfold and I could feel the sweat running down my back while waiting for the 1 train.

I went to work and spent my morning checking my email, reading me book, and such. I had an interview for a restaurant which opens in two weeks called "Artichoke" at three so I went to that while I ran some errands for work. Overall, I think the interview went well. But they want me to work until 6am which I'm not sure will work for me.

By the time I got back to the office, I was tired, hungry, and frustrated from the mugginess of the city. I promised myself that I would order Indian food for delivery when I got home, but just as I was about to I called my mom who informed me that my cat died today.

Sara was my birthday present when I was 5 and I've had her for 18 years. She slept with me every night and I've always considered her my daughter. My mom told me she was sick last week. I feel very unprepared for her death. When I left home I told her I would see her in December. And I wont. It's a very sad time for me.

When K got home we went to "Coppola's" across the way and I ordered some comfort food: a glass of pinot, pasta alla vodka, and chocolate suffle. I feel much better after that and K and I had a few laughs. But I still miss my kitty and keep thinking about those last moments I spent with her. It will be a tough few days.

Tomorrow its off to work again. We'll see how well I do at the office.

Manhattan does not want me to be employed

Yesterday was a rough day. But before I get into that, let me recap the weekend...

Saturday was an awesome day. D took me to a wedding in "Fishkill" New York, which is right next to Poughkeepsie. Fishkill. Funny name. Thank god we got there when we did because had we arrived five minutes later we would have run into the bride and groom walking down the isle. Because the wedding ended pretty much right when we got there, we headed to the reception, which was beautiful. It was right on a river and overlooked a beautiful bridge and green mountains across the way. The sunset was gorgeous and I enjoyed a couple glasses of champagne. The dinner table was brilliantly decorated and the food was delicious. D was anxious to leave after dessert (the cake was delicious) because he had a party to go to at a club downtown called Taj. At the time, I thought I would go with him, but I fell asleep in the car on the way back and by the time we got back into the city I knew I had to go to bed.

Sunday was a good day. I just went for a walk along the Hudson, shopped for groceries, and cleaned the apartment again. It just doesn't seem to stay with my standards. That night K, her cousin, and I went to dinner at the Boat Basin to watch the sunset. It was C's second to last day in town so she met up with us. After, C, K and I went to Cafe Lalo, the restaurant from "You've Got Mail," and had some of the most delicious dessert I've ever had. Must keep that restaurant in mind for the future....just in case.

Monday night after work, I went with my friend from work's birthday cocktail hour at the Frying Pan. The weather was a bit cloudy so there weren't as many people there as usual but we had a good time. K and C came to meet us there and we met some fun people.

I took yesterday off from work to shop around my resume. I will get a job! I had left my printed resumes at work so I hopped on the subway down to Times Square to pick them up. When I walked into the building, the sky was gray, but there was no rain. Five minutes later, when I came out of the office, it was pouring! I had an umbrella with my but it didn't do much as the streets had transformed into rivers and the rain seemed to be coming from all directions. I was dressed business casual: a nice top and an expensive BCBG silk skirt. As I was trying to push my way through the crowds and the torrential weather, my sandal got caught on something and I fell. In the street. In the middle of Times Square. I was covered in water and dirt and my outfit was ruined for the day. I ran into the subway in frustration and made my way back uptown. Rather than go job hunting like a soaking wet sponge, I chose to go home. I got caught on a median crossing the street and cars from both sides were further spraying me with water as they passed by. I was pissed.

I got home, changed into my sweats and decided that the city is doing everything it can to keep me from being employed. The frustration of not having a job is building, though I have an interview today. Who knows how that will go. It's supposed to thunderstorm again today.

That's it for now. Off to my internship. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Well, I don't think I'm getting that PA position I applied for. After sending a follow up email and hearing no responses, I've decided its not going to happen. That really bums me out, but I'm sure there will be more opportunities in the future. This means that I can take time to go to DC for the weekend of the 24th for my cousins' going away party. I'm excited about that. Now if I can only pick a bus. Why are there endless options of buses and how do I know which one is the best?

I'm taking the day off today to go and apply for restaurant jobs. K is printing off resumes for me at her work, so I'm going to the financial district to have lunch with her and pick them up. Then I'll come back uptown, go restaurant to restaurant and beg. Hopefully something comes out of that.

Let me tell you about three funny things that happened yesterday after work. I was walking home and I saw a man pull out a carpet, drop to his knees, and pray towards Mecca. In the middle of Times Square. That's something I've never seen before. You know what else shouldn't happen in Times Square? Wind. But it does. Which is why it was very embarrassing when my very flowy skirt blew up in front of hundred of people. I subsequently turned the corner and prayed that I would just disappear into the crowd and people would forget about it. Thirdly, a few blocks from my building, I saw a transsexual that had to be at least 70. Or else it was just a very tall, very masculine woman. With a beard. Hm.

The other night I met up with my friend D again. We had a drink at Zanzibar near work and then headed to the Chelsea Piers where we walked along the water and then into the west village. We had dinner at Pastis (the most mentioned restaurant in Sex and the City) and then went to a lounge nearby for another drink. It was a really awesome place, though the name escapes me at the moment. I didn't get home until 2am but it was totally worth it; we had so much fun.

On a sadder note, I recently discovered that my cat of 18 years, Sara, has failing kidneys and only has weeks to live. I'm sad I wont see her again, but I know she has lived a good (spoiled) life.

D wants to take me to a wedding this weekend so K and I are going dress shopping after work. Hopefully somewhere really cheap.

I am beginning to get frustrated with my apartment. It gets dirty so easily and always looks it because its pre-war so even when its clean it looks dirty. Its really tough not having a kitchen. Washing your dishes in the bathtub is....actually pretty funny. K and I have had many laughs about it. But it sucks when they pile up because both of us are rushing off to work in the morning. My other goal today: clean again.

And NOW I know I'm in New York

Monday, July 5, 2010

So I'm just wrapping up my weekend on this hot Monday morning. Having a slow morning; drinking coffee, job searching, and looking forward to a slow day. This weekend was awesome.

Friday after work I had drinks with the VP of the department that I intern for. I really enjoy his company and the two of us get along pretty well. I took the opportunity to ask him how he got where he is, and what his ambitions are. In turn, he was very supportive of my will to move into the company.

After drinks with him, I met up with K at Levain Bakery (supposedly known for the best cookies in New York. Frankly, I've had better.) And the two of us started to make plans for the evening. After we got home, however, neither of us were feeling much like going out so we picked a great alternative....we decided to go see Eclipse. I know, I know. The movie was awesomely bad and K and I laughed our way through it. Good times. In addition, we decided to talk in a British accent and in rhyme for the evening. This was especially funny when K went to order frozen yogurt and couldn't stop laughing. The girl at the counter was so excited to meet us because she will be studying in London in a few months. So we recommended some things for her.

Saturday was an awesome day. K and I decided to go to the lower east to a flea market and then work our way up through some museums. The flea market was smaller than we expected, and we spend the rest of the day walking through little vintage shops. We walked up through Union Square and through another huge flea market. It was so much fun to look at all of the interesting and colorful foods, clothing, furniture, etc. By the time we finally reached the museum of sex, our first museum stop, our feet were killing us and we were exhausted from the heat. We walked in the museum, saw that it was nearly 20 dollars to get in, and turned around and walked out. Screw that. I don't have a job.

We got home and took a 2 hour nap before getting ready to go meet K's friends for dinner at a steakhouse called Del Friscos. We got dressed up and headed out. The evening was perfect! It was warm, but not too hot, and the sky was clear. We met K's friends at the restaurant which is right next to Radio City and has floor to ceiling glass panels which make you feel like you are eating outside. There were 9 of us total, and we had an awesome time drinking wine and getting to know each other. The bill must have been expensive, but the boys took care of it and we hopped in a cab over to a place called Hudson Terrace which is a rooftop club.

When we got there there was a line. We sneered, but went to the back. Somehow, K was able to convince the bouncer that we knew some promoter and we got to go to the front and straight up (no cover for girls, of course.) The club was packed with people and there was very little room for dancing. While overall I like the idea of the Hudson Terrace, the walls are too high and I felt as though I missed out on the rooftop experience. We stayed for a couple hours, but by 3am it was time to go home.

Sunday was 4th of July. K went with some of her friends to a beach bbq. I passed and decided to stay home and get some cleaning done instead. Yes, I can't stand it when things are dirty. I went for a long walk through riverside (4 1/2 miles through the heat is rough) and had a day to myself, which was nice. When K got home around 5, she told me she was meeting a friend at a party in midtown. So she and I got ready and headed downtown to 46th st. The party was at an apartment right ear the Hudson. At 9pm everyone headed upstairs to the roof. Climbing onto that roof was like climbing into a moving picture. I could see the sun setting over the Hudson, the first star in the sky, and the dozens of sky scrapers all around me. That is what I remember about New York from the last time I was here; the feeling of amazement at where I am and complete happiness. The fireworks started at 9:30 and lasted until 10. Even though I don't like fireworks, these were awesome.

After the party, K and I had dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant which was really good and then headed back home to crash. Today? I think K and I are going shopping for some things for our apartment. Tomorrow is back to the grind.

Things are moving! (No Mom, not like that)

Friday, July 2, 2010

This week has been very busy. I've spent the last few days going to work everyday and getting accustomed to my old internship routine. I'm so happy to be back and I'm loving every minute of my new life, even though I'm a lot more tired than I used to be.

I went out with my friend D again the other night. We had some wine and appetizers and then we ran into same of his friends at a local bar. I had a lot of fun with them. His friends were really sweet and he is so much fun to hang out with. I think I'm beginning to lose my tolerance for alcohol, which is arguably a good thing. I had two glasses of wine over dinner, and then had one vodka and had to switch to water at the bar, even though drinks were coming my way. Perhaps I'm growing up?

Yesterday was an exciting day at work. There is a job opening in another department which I have sent my resume in for and a few people have recommended me. It feels wonderful to have such a support system within that company. I look forward to seeing what comes out of that, even if it is only interview practice.

The restaurant which I applied for the other day didn't even call me back, and I was sure they were going to! I have way too much experience to not get called back. Oh well, as my mom said, perhaps there is a reason I have yet to find a restaurant job....maybe I'll find a career instead? I feel excited about my options.

So, today is Friday and this weekend is the 4th of July....and I still haven't figured out what I am doing. Three days off. That will be lovely!