A day in the city

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So I had my first interview yesterday. No, its not what you think. While it would have been great had the interview been with some hot shot company, it was not. I interviewed for what I thought would have been a server position in a cute wine bar. After a 45 minute commute to midtown east, it turns out that the "wine bar" is actually more like a tiny coffee cafe which also happens to have some wine bottles at the counter. I think there were about five tables inside the place. Maybe. So you can imagine my disappointment when I walked inside. Everyone who was working was really skinny, had a lot of tattoos, and seemed to glare at me a bit. Of course, I was dressed in business casual.

The woman who interviewed me was nice enough and seemed to enjoy my answers to her questions, although being from Santa Rosa, she seemed a bit put off at the fact that I am originally from a quaint little Bay Area town. Anyway, the interview took all of five minutes. I'm sure she will call me back to come in, but I will not be working there. I can do a lot more with my time than make cappuccinos.

Disappointed, I decided not to hop back on the subway but instead to explore the east side of midtown. I made my way through the city streets taking in all of the beautiful buildings in the area. I walked right by the Empire State, which was fun. As I made my way uptown, however, I entered a dangerous area. Chanel, Dior, Burberry, and Versace all called my name! Instead, I simply window shopped and admired the beautiful gowns which were displayed. I wonder where one might wear a strapless, ruffled, long red gown? I don't care I would have found a place!

It was at this point I realized that my feet were killing me so I passed the Plaza Hotel and Central Park South over to Columbus circle where I caught the 1 back uptown. I felt relief to finally get back into my apartment where I realized my right pinky toe was completely bleeding from my shoes. That's walking around in New York for you.

I borrowed a book from K called "White Man's Burden: Why the West's Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good." I felt like an intellectual read. So I changed out of my business casual and made my way over to Central Park where I found a somewhat secluded spot to lay in the grass and read. Peaceful! I could hear music from an orchestra that was playing nearby, the trinkle of a fountain, and the occasional human voice. For about 45 minutes I laid there reading when a man came and asked me where 6th Ave was. I pointed him in the right direction and he thanked me but then sat down next to me.

Now I think this is where the city is going to help me toughen up a bit. I am so afraid of being mean to people! Even when they make me uncomfortable. (Well unless I'm under the influence of vodka). He kept asking me all of these questions and I had a hard time understanding him (he spoke broken English and was obviously from South America somewhere). That's when I began the excuses: I told him I was meeting my boyfriend in a minute and that I was having dinner with my room mate. Yet he kept asking me all of these questions. He told me he could get me a job for 500 an hour (doing what I wonder). It was at this point that I dialed my mom and told him I had to go meet my boyfriend. I just got a totally creepy feeling from him. Perhaps this exchange will help me learn how to be straight up and honest rather than try and be so nice. K said to me later, "isn't it interesting that we think that lying to them in the moment is being nice and that being honest is being mean?"

After the creepy exchange I walked back uptown through the park and made my way back home. I had told my landlord's sister that I would help her move her file cabinet out of the stairwell. I actually really enjoyed "I's" company. She is very nice and gave me $25 (my first earnings in the city)! And on the upside she said she may have more errands for me to do (ok!).

At this point K arrived home and the two of us hopped on the subway downtown to Chelsea to meet her parents and their friends, who are visiting the city, for dinner. God I love Chelsea. I really need to go there more often. We passed several interesting places including a place called "Rawhide." Ha! There were so many tall, good looking, and immaculately dressed men! I would watch them get closer and then here them say something like, "whatever that bitch is hot," and then I would know. Damn. Why are all the good ones gay? Men in mesh shirts and short shorts passed us left and right. Lovely scenery actually. We finally settled on a Vietnamese place which was decent, though it is a bit hot out for warm, spicy food.

I do love New York at night. It is so warm! I love not having to worry about bringing a jacket. I don't actually mind the humidity because I feel like its good for my hair and skin, though during the day it makes you sweat a lot. Gross.

So that was just another unemployed day in New York. My internship begins the day after tomorrow and I am so excited for that!! But for today, I think I'll get up, go to New York Sports Club, figure out the laundry situation, and then...who knows? Perhaps I'll go spend the day in beautiful Greenwich. Or visit the Met. Or poke around the galleries in Soho. Or just go for a long walk in Riverside. Whatever it is I choose to do, I'm just so lucky to be in New York.


Mark said...

What did you do with your car?!

NYgirl3 said...

Gave it to my sister!

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