A new brand of crazy...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wow what a weekend! K and I just got back from the Hamptons. It was so much fun! We stayed in a house which cost 38,000 to rent for the summer! So much money. We hopped on the jitney which arrived at midnight and then caught a cab to her friend T's house. From there, I had a shot of bacardi (gross) and a beer to wake myself up and then we headed to a local bar. I had so much fun dancing that I didn't even realize it was 3am before we left! Once back at the house we spend some time in the hot tub, but then I promptly passed out by 4am. My body is not used to partying like this!

On Saturday we were all up by ten and headed to the beach. Wow, it is so beautiful, but I thought that east coast beaches are supposed to be warm? I spent time laying in the sun while K played beach volleyball with the boys (it hurts my hands!) and then we relocated to a bar right on the water so that everyone could watch the world cup game. While the boys drank beer, I ordered myself a bowl of ice cream, which I think was a much wiser decision.

Once the game ended, the disappointed boys (Ghana beat US by a point), K and I made our way back to the house and napped. Here's the thing about staying at a house full of guys: it's dirty. So dirty! I was afraid to walk without my shoes on, and don't even get me started on the bathrooms!! How can they live like this? My friend KS told me it was going to be like a frat house and boy it was. Apparently, T lost a bet and as a result had to down six bottles of Smirnoff ice. In good fashion, he rose to the occasion, got down on one knee, and chugged six bottles in eight minutes. After which he promptly projectile vomited off of the balcony. His buddies were screaming with laughter and delight. I was running in the opposite direction.

That night the boys had a little get together at their house where I played my first game of beer pong and flip cup (and was unimpressed by the results). At midnight when everyone left to go out, I decided to sit out and sleep instead. I was just way too tired for another 4am night.

At around 6pm, K and I took the train to Penn Station and the 1 back up to the west side. It was such a beautiful night that we decided to go and have a drink at the Boat Basin, a lovely cafe on the water not far from our apartment. We enjoyed a pelligrino each and recapped the weekend. One of the boys from the weekend, J, had told us that he had slept with a girl in a porta potty outside of a club one night. K and I were talking about this story and laughing so hard as we left the restaurant. At some point, I realized that there were two men behind us, so I turned and apologized for the crudeness of our conversation. One of them said, "that's ok, by the way you are so beautiful, whats your name?"

I shook his hand and told him my name and he was intent on getting my phone number...but being very creepy about it (a 40 year old should probably not be chasing a 20 year old). He just kept telling me that he needed to get my phone number because I was so beautiful. So he took out his cell phone and it was frozen! He couldn't type anything into it. K said, "maybe you should take this as a sign and if we see you at Boat Basin again it will be serendipity..." but the guy (whose name escapes me) said, "No! I'm not letting her leave without her phone number." Desperate, he grabbed his friend's phone and I gave him a fake number. The men turned the corner and left, and K and I burst out laughing. We were just making fun of him when all of a sudden, we heard someone calling my name. We turned around at the guy was running (!) up the street. "His phone didn't work either! His phone didn't work either!!" So I gave him my fake number AGAIN and K and I quickly swept into our apartment and proceeded to laugh for a loooong time on his behalf. She said to me, "That's a new brand of crazy!"

So tonight I'm just unpacking, settling down, doing laundry, and waiting for my friend C to arrive. I'll be spending the day with her tomorrow!

Good night Manhattan!


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