I Messed Up. Big Time.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

So, taking a break from the dating world, I'm going to tell you about the colossal mistake I made at work this week. I would rather not humiliate myself, but I suppose these are the lessons we learn in life, and if I'm going to have an honest blog, I might as well be honest!

Obviously, it was an accident. I would never have purposefully deleted an entire freaking project!

That's right. Somehow, the drive I was archiving to was a drive belonging to another project, not the archive drive I had intended. Technicality aside, I single-handedly managed to completely delete and entire project. I freaked out. My hands were shaking, my mouth went dry, and I covered my face with my hands as I told my editor what I had done. I quickly spoke to the IT guy and had him try to recover the drive. I spoke to my boss and told her what I had done. Surprisingly, no one freaked out on me. I was able to get most of the footage back from the production company, but still I won't be able to recover it all (why the director of photography didn't keep a back up is beyond me). There may be some re-shooting involved, which would be terrible. But, there are many ways to look at this:

It could have been worse. It could have been for a major client who was coming in that day (it was a personal project my editor was working on). It could have been shot on the Red camera (in which case it would cost thousands to re-shoot). It could have been someone with a giant ego.

Thankfully, everyone at the office has been very supportive. Maybe it's because I admitted to my fault right away and was visibly upset. Maybe it's because I was honest and didnt try to cover anything up. Either way, the owner of the company came to me, put his hand on my shoulder and said, "nice going." I could have just died.

So, mistakes happen. Hopefully nothing like this will ever happen again. In a few years, I'm sure I won't ever think of this terrible terrible time. But for now, I'll keep my head down and tail between my legs. Maybe this is just a reminder to me to not get too comfortable. Maybe it's a lesson on reconnecting media in Avid. Or maybe I'm just that stupid.

Glasses? No, no, Jerk.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So glasses guy. He seemed innocent enough. Wearing a suit (he's a lawyer in Midtown) + a point. Nerdy (we talked about Star Wars online) + 2 points. Decent pick of place + 1/2 a point. Jerky attitude? Minus 2 million points.

It all started to go downhill when I met him outside and realized that he's a geek, not a nerd. If you have any confusion as to the difference, feel free to read about it here. He seemed nervous and kept assuring me that he thought it would be warmer and we could sit outside, and he didn't know about the place, blah blah. The rest of the date can be best summarized in dialogue.

Jerk: "So are you a vegetarian because of animal rights, health, environment, religion...?"
Me: "All of them....."
Jerk: "RELIGION?!"
Me: "No, all but religion."
Jerk: "Is it going to bother you if I eat meat?"
Me: "No, no, of course not."
Jerk: "Ok. Because I would only do it for environmental reasons."
Me: "Well I read this book about animal cruelty and I just couldn't eat meat again-"
Jerk: "Oh, I've seen all those videos but I don't really care."


Ok....maybe I'll try to find something else to talk to this guy about.

Me: "I was going to email you this funny article I read about the Death Star today. It talked about all the weapons aboard and how many people would be needed to man it and the different levels it would have-"

He leans across the table towards me, looks me right in the eyes, and says, "I don't really think Star Wars could have happened..."
Me: "I wasn't trying to say it could, just that the article was really funny-"
Jerk: "Well, I think it will always be a mark of the twentieth century, but I in no way think it's possible."


Me: "So are you close with your family?"
Jerk: "Not really. They live in Germany. They want me to visit more, but this year I didn't even go home for Christmas."


Jerk: "So what do you do?"
Me: "I edit commercials."
Jerk: "Oh, like what?"
Me: "Do you watch tv?"
Jerk: "Ya..."
Me: "Have you seen ____ commercial? Or _____?"
Jerk: "I don't care about commercials, I fast-forward them."
Me: "Well, we all do. But I bet you watch the Superbowl commercials!"
Jerk: "Ya, do you?"
Me: "The Oscars are my Superbowl."
Jerk: "So do you like...pay attention to who wins editing and stuff like that?"
Me: "Well, ya..."
Jerk: "Because people like me, we don't care about that stuff; it's pretty boring for us."

Fifteen minutes later:

Jerk: "Well I have to meet my brother so..."
Me: "Ya I should get going."

Outside the restaurant:

Jerk: "Good luck."

So, in conclusion, that was a pretty bad date. Now even the geeks are getting jerky? I took myself off of the dating site this week. My friends at work have decided to stay on it. As for me? I have decided to try to look at the world in a different way. I'll take out my headphones, put down my kindle, and try to smile more (I'm horrible at this). Maybe the real world is the better option?

...or maybe it's just New York.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Once again, I would like to point out how bizarre it is that my blog has turned into a dating blog. I think the reason for this is because I was originally blogging about trying to figure out my career, and now I have one. Everything at work is going really well. I love everyone I work with and I feel lucky to work at this company. So...there's nothing really to say on that front. I suppose the most interesting thing about my life are these terrible dates I continue to go on. If you are enjoying reading it, I suggest you check out TwentySomethingDating which has become one of my favorite blogs about dating. Anyway, onto my story.

The guy who I fell in front of (twice) texted my two weeks after the date and explained that he hadn't asked me out again because he met someone else and things had progressed quickly, but that he would still hold onto my number in case that didn't work out because he found me intriguing. Ya, like that will happen.

Tonight I have a date that I really don't want to go to with a guy called "glasses guy." I'm not holding my breath- he wants to go to a dive bar. Can't they come up with some originality??

In other news, my friend H and I have been walking the loop in the park (6 miles!) every Sunday which is great because there are all these pink and white flowers blooming and people are starting to show their legs! It's wonderful! In just over a month H and I are going to California to visit my family. H has never been before and I'm excited to show her around. It will be nice to get away from the city for a bit and have a vacation. Anyways, that's all for now. I'll keep you posted.

Dating in New York. Who knew it would be such torture?

What NOT to do on a date.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'd like to tell you all about my most recent humiliation. It happened to me on Saturday night and I still wince every time I think of it, which seems to be a lot.

I met "Ashton Kutcher Guy" aka. AKG at 675 Bar below Dos Caminos in the Meatpacking. I walked down the stairs and through the door at about five till eight. I was most definitely the only living soul there. And 675 Bar is most definitely a club. After what seemed to take hours, the bartender finally emerged with my Kettle One martini and it was not long until I met AKG. He was quick to tell me he had never been to the bar either. Ok, good...I'm not one to go clubbing!

After the initial awkwardness the two of us fell into good conversation. I switched to beer to avoid becoming the drink girl on the first date (nobody wants that!). We watched people filter into the bar dressed to the nines and discussed who was looking to hook up with whom. After a while we drifted into the foosball room where I kicked his ass at the game a handful of times. Go me!

At this point it was nearing midnight and we made our way back into the main room which had become a club. People were dancing. Girls were trying to be super sexy. AKG and I had our own moves and we made fun of everyone else. We really were having a great time. I looked to my left and who did I see? K was there dancing her butt off! We ended up hanging out with her and her friends for a while but by the time 1am rolled along I was starving. Note to self: never go on a date without eating beforehand!

This next bit gets tricky: I was wearing booties with a heel-but nothing crazy; I wear them to work all day. I had also, obviously, been drinking, but I was in complete control and was not acting like a sloppy fool or anything. What happened next was really unfortunate.

We were walking up the stairs from the club and I fell. Hard! It was so embarrassing! He was completely nice and made me feel better about it, but as I walked into the next bar (which was fully packed, by the way), I fell again! There was a puddle of water on the floor. It was completely mortifying. Honestly, it was one of the worst moments in my personal dating history. But, I kept my head up and ordered my veggie burger. He texted me the next day and asked to see me again. Why? I'm not sure. I was certain he was going to write me off as a crazy drunk girl, but he didn't.

Note to self: Next time, wear flats.