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Friday, June 25, 2010

So yesterday was my first day interning, and boy have things changed since I moved here! First of all....

I met two guys during intern orientation yesterday. One attends Northwestern and is a film student as well. He is working in the production division of the same department that I am and he seems like a really cool guy. He mentioned that he is working on writing and directing a film and that he is looking for help. Basically, he and I agreed that I would edit his film and perhaps work on set. I think he and I will get along well since I have a lot of experience working on independent sets and on all aspects of production. I'll call him "A." Another guy I met, N, wants to get involved in this film as well, and may have a location for us to shoot on. I am so excited to have met these guys because its cool that I am getting to know some of the local independent film community, however small that might be.

Two nights ago, I met up with my old friend, D, from the media company where I intern. He and I went out for drinks to catch and and get to know each other all over again. I forgot how much I enjoy his company. We had drinks at a local bar around the corner (including a shot of something called a slippery nipple...which, by the way, I recommend) and then dinner at 10pm at a place on the Upper West called Monaco, which served pretty decent pasta (though their wine was very overpriced.) He is such a sweet guy, really seems to care about me, and has so many connections to the industry. I asked him about my friend J, who is moving here in late July. I suppose I should tell you about my friend J.

J and I have been good friends for over a year. He and I dated a little over a year ago, but it just never worked out between us so we decided to be friends. He and I had a fairly professional relationship since he acted in a few of my short films, but he has remained one of my best friends. It has always been a dream of his to move to New York and I support him 100%. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one supporting him; his family seems to have forgotten about him, which is a shame since he is such an awesome person. He is a very talented songwriter/musician, though he has had no musical training, and I think with the right ambition he could go far. The "right" ambition. Or any at all. Most of the time I feel as though he is happy being where he is which depresses me. He could be anything he wanted. But sometimes he seems content to sit still and wait for things to happen to him, rather than trying to make things happen for himself. I guess moving to the big apple will be his first step in the right direction. He deserves it. More to come on that subject later.

I was so excited to see my friends at my prior internship! I missed everyone I worked with before, especially my superior "KS." KS and I are very similar. She is this beautiful, driven, awesome girl who I so aspire to be. She is very smart and seems to be a pro at knowing how to move up in life. She knows what she wants, and I think she will help me to get where I want. I guess I just feel that it is rare to feel such a connection with another who you don't know very well. She is a very talented and driven woman who is helping to guide me into finding a path of my own. Don't get me wrong, I love this company and look forward to revisiting everyone in it, I have just been most excited about seeing KS again. She and I shared a really interesting conversation over wine and tapas tonight. She said that attractive women have the lower hand. People expect them to be unintelligent and useless. She said that she has had to work really hard to get where she is and that I should expect the same; men assume attractive women are not as intelligent. We'll show them!

One of the wonderful things about my internship is the people we work with. One of the reasons I wanted to come back was because I thought I could spend more time with the editors and learn more about photoshop, flash, after affects, and other computer editing programs. Because I have interned here before, I think I will have more opportunity to learn new programs as well as to cut my editing reel together for future employers.

So what am I doing this weekend? K and I are hopping on the Jitney out to the Hamptons. She has a friend there who has a summer share with 12 guys (that's right...12!) and we are going to stay and party with them for the weekend. Hmmm...that's a lot of testosterone...whish me luck!

Overall, I think I have made the right decision for myself. I am learning new things, meeting awesome people, rekindling old friendships, and moving up in life. I feel so much happier than I did a week ago in that I am finally doing what I love, even though I am yet to find employment.

Finding a job has been more difficult than I thought. Sometimes I wonder whether or not it would be better to intern with this media company full time or part time but with a side job. I'm not sure. All I know is: I can do better than to pour people coffee everyday. My degree is worth more than that (right Dad ;) )?

So in conclusion: I have three dates with men next week, one dinner with my room mate, and one with my friend/superior KS (who I hope to spend increasingly more time with).

Next weekend is the 4th of July and there are many options.

I could go with my room mate, K, to her friend's rooftop party, I could go with K to the Hamptons or D.C., or I could go to Montauk with my friend KS.

Now, on a more personal level...

I went to a bar last night with my room mate K and met a bunch of her old friends. Most of them are very nice, and I so enjoy meeting new people in the city. But, I met this once guy called B who is a published author currently attending grad school at Columbia for creative writing. AND he's a personal trainer, AND he wear glasses, AND hes shy. This all means that he is a sweet guy and not a jerk, like so many other guys can be. Apparently he is really into local and independent theater so when he asked me for my number to take me to a unique film, of course I gave it to him.

Nearing the end of work today, D asked me if I was available to have a drink. Sadly, I was not, so he and I made plans for next week.

On top of all of these exciting plans, C (one for my best friends from high school) is coming to New York tomorrow so I am spending the day with her in the city on Monday. YAY! I miss her so much. She is this really brilliant young woman who is working for teach for America far outsife of her California home. She is the kind of friend I will always love forever, which is probably why I am so excited to see her.

Overall, my internship has been a success (for the past two days that I've actually been working,) and I look forward to a continued success in the upcoming weeks.

Hmm...what will I do next....who knows?......its New York!


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