It's a girl!

Monday, August 22, 2011

So I've moved! I am now residing in a much better bug-free apartment. There are boxes everywhere and it's hard to walk across the living room....but at least the hard part is over!

Last night I slept soundly in a clean bed with new sheets, a mattress pad, and my comforter which I have not had in almost a month. I took my shower, got cozy in my bed with a glass of wine, and went to bed early. It was fantastic. Although I did dream that I found a bed bug. Finally I can go to sleep without my room mate in my bed, fear, or the use of medication!

And, in other news, I'm getting a kitty! The new building allows cats so of course I asked both of my room mates first thing if they would be ok with me getting one. They both were and I went straight to look at the cats at the nearest shelter. It was hard. I could easily take them all! In the bottom left cage there was a little gray cat with specks of gold throughout her long fur. She reminded me a bit of Sara so I suppose that's why I was drawn to her. She purred when I held her and licked my fingers when I put her back in her cage. She is a year old and was rescued from a hoarder. Her name is Pandora, but I think she looks like a Sasha. She is so beautiful with big green eyes and looks just like a little princess. I thought for a while that I might go see all the other kitties I could at other shelters, but I know I would just fall in love with all of them. Something about "Sasha" struck me so I put in an application for her and am taking her home!

I'm so excited to have a cat again, and I hope she likes to cuddle! I'm not sure exactly what day I'm getting her, but I imagine sometime in the next week. I'll post pictures as soon as I get her!


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