Changing Tides

Thursday, August 11, 2011

One thing I learned the hard way in college (an probably one of the more important lessons I learned) is that if you aren't happy you need to make a change. And this change cannot be made by anyone but you. You can ask your friends for advice all you want, but eventually you will just become the person to avoid. It's like when someone is overweight and constantly complaining, but they don't work out and eat lots of potato chips and cupcakes. Or something.

I wasn't happy with my living situation so, when the opportunity presented itself to get out, I took it. I was feeling stagnant at work so I worked my ass off, talked to the boss, and got a promotion. I'm currently in the process of becoming a first assistant, so I guess I'm kind of in the middle of getting another sort of "promotion."

Sometimes it's easy for me to get down on myself, especially when everything seems to go to shit at the same time. But sometimes I have to tell myself something my mom told me once, "this too shall pass."

After every winter is a summer, and the harsher the winter the more beautiful the summer becomes. Every challenge is just a lesson to be learned in life. If you can handle this, you can handle that. If I handled that, then this shouldn't be such a problem.

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. All I know is that in the next few weeks I'm moving to a new an improved apartment, and I seem to be making a leap in the workplace. The feelings that I had just a few weeks ago are gradually subsiding.

Spring has arrived.


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