Drinking from the bottle...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I sat there. Room empty but for some dirty pink sheets on a bed, a dresser, vanity, and a clothing rack. Ok, ok and a TV. I was watching Burlesque (you KNOW it's a fantastic film) drinking cheap Cabernet straight from the bottle. A high class moment.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Saturday was hell.
Woke up at 6:45 and fast-walked up to my new apartment. Arrive just in time to meet the two guys from Sleepy's at 7:10. Thank god I woke up on time! They were there to deliver a new box-spring my mom had ordered for me; the bed bug expert had recommended I throw my old one out. Let them in the apartment, put the box-spring in my room and got out. Went for a coffee and got a little reading in before I had to meet my new room mates back at the new apartment to sign the lease and pay September's rent. At about 10:15am we signed the lease. Went to the bank to get a bank-certified check (since apparently personal checks aren't worthy...makes sense since I'm pretty sure my check would have bounced...) but the bank was closed. Ugh. Went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get some new, non-blood-stained sheets (stained from the bed bugs....not my period....my sisters will laugh at that one), and went back to the office to tell them that I had no money for them. Not a big deal, give them the money on Monday. Go to my new apartment, cut the plastic off the box -spring to use on my current mattress. Walk back to my current shit hole of a living situation. Pack up boxes. Run out of boxes. Run out of paper towels. Run out of bubble wrap. Feel completely overwhelmed like "OMFG what am I doing here how can I do this all by myself my life is a joke." More boxes and bubble wrap arrive that mom ordered for me. Pack those boxes. Try and pretend that I can fit everything I own into cardboard boxes. Lay down on bed with feeling of accomplishment. Realize that in my closet is a bag of coats that I had sitting on bed when I had bed bugs. Take coats, 2 duffel bags, and two pillows to cleaners. Dry them for 30 minutes. Buy bottle of wine. Go back to cleaners. Pretend I can carry two giant heavy bags of double-bagged clothing back to my shitty apartment. Realize during this journey that I just bought a bottle of wine yet have no glasses or wine opener. Swear out loud. Drop bags. Get to apartment, find out my wine has a twist top (!!!!!). Take apart my bed, vanity, night stand, and dresser. Vacuum extensively. Spray down with all-natural bed bug spray. Pack for a few more minutes before giving in, opening my bottle, taking a giant swig, and calling my mom to order me take-out since I have no internet. Sit back, watch Sex and the City on my dirty bed, drink straight from bottle. Relax. Cannot take shower due to the fact that I have packed everything but decide it's ok since I'm throwing these sheets out anyway. Eat Thai food. Pass out.

Sunday was hell.
Wake up at 6:30. Throw out sheets. Maneuver bed-bug infested box-spring mattress down 40 steps and onto the street. Decide that it would be best if neighbors did not know it was mine and drag/push it down sidewalk (hence ripping bed-bug cover, rendering it useless) until I reach light-pole away from apartment. Abandon disgusting box-spring. Pack everything leftover into computer bag. Go to Coffee Pot to get coffee and breakfast and use ATM for cash-only movers. Closed. Go to Amish Market for coffee and croissant. Go to Coffee Pot to use ATM. ATM has $100 maximum withdrawal. Curse. Go home. Finish coffee. Movers arrive. They are nice...jam everything into disgusting van and go to new place. Move in very fast. Go back to old place. Find that K has, again, left door wide open even though she is not there. Say silent thanks that I am no longer living with her. Discover my grandmother's ring on my vanity that I know was not there before. It is actually my sister's ring currently and she has been searching desperately for it. It is Victorian, very old, very dear to us. Curse Kristen for stealing it from her for 2 months, but decide not to say anything because, really, what's it going to do? Run up and down stairs. Decide that I will have dropped 10 pounds and 2 pant sizes in one day. Ass is firm as a muscle-builder's bicep. Say fuck you and flip off old apartment. Go back to new place. Finish moving in. Withdraw $300 from my dwindling account. Give to movers. Go back to new place. Set up bed, unpack 7 boxes. Try and put furniture in places it won't be in new roommates' way. Decide I am hungry. Go to Trader Joe's. Discover there is no wine at that location. Find wine store on way back to new apartment. Buy bottle of Concannon Pinot Noir. Am excited that I have found bottle of Concannon- first in the city. Go home. Watch True Blood. Open bottle of wine. Drink out of glass from old apartment that I find in box with shampoo and conditioner. Feel somewhat accomplished.

Moving day: Over.

Unpacking....entire next week.

Oh ya. I can do this.


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