From Rock Bottom to Cloud 9

Friday, August 5, 2011


After feeling like my world was going to end, and that I needed to move back to California, my life has turned around.

With everything that's been going on (bed bugs, roommate issues, boy problems, frustrations at work: I'll delve into this later), I was feeling like giving up. It was like everything that would go wrong in my life did, including the guy I was dating who, it turns out, wasn't really looking for any kind of relationship, just sex- surprise surprise. I mean, can things get much worse?

After a roach crawls over your nearly-bare sandled foot just before a giant rat dashes out from behind a smelly trash bag in front of you and then you must go sleep in a bed full of bugs who bite you while you sleep, your clean, comfortable, beautiful, spacious home in California starts to sound pretty good. After all, my family is there, my friends from college, and most of my high school friends too.

"That would be giving up," Mom says.

Ya, ya.

I began the dreaded craigslist search on Tuesday. Emailed a bunch of people at various locations. Heard back from almost none except for the "just go to this website to find your credit score" fakers.

But then, yesterday, I made an appointment to see an apartment on the Upper West Side. My old stomping grounds! She was so nice! We have so much in common and the apartment is fantastic. Gym and laundry in the building, with a cute courtyard and a 24 hour desk to sign for packages and such. A lot of students from Julliard live there since it's right next to Lincoln Center.

I was wowed. I told her right then that I wanted it and I was ready to put down whatever money they needed. The room is big and comes with a closet! A real closet, oh boy!

She said she had some other people to see but she would let me know this weekend. Lucky me, she emailed me today and told me I got it! YES!!!

I'll be living within my means, in a great place, AND save money on a gym and laundry. Score!

I'm moving on the 15th of August! I couldn't be happier. For the first time in a while I'm starting to feel really good about what I'm doing. I think this is a place that I could consider a home; a place I will want to stay for a while, rather than just 6 months.

Now....moving day. It's going to be long and hard. Up and down the stairs, lots of packing. And, for the first time I'll be doing it all by myself. But I think it will be worth it.


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