Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yay for this weekend! On Friday my room mate A and I watched Bridesmaids and ordered Indian. It was nice to stay in and chill out. Saturday morning I ran 6 miles!...well, mostly walked, but I ran so much I was sore this morning. I went to brunch at Peels with a good friend and spent the rest of the afternoon walking around. I walked through the west village, and poked in some of the shops on the upper west side. Betsey Johnson calls to me! Fortunately, I was able to resist buying anything. I also went to Trader Joes...only the second time I've been grocery shopping since I moved into my new place. I should really invest in that more!

Today I ran 4 miles; my shins hurt so bad by the end that I had a hard time walking up the stairs to my apartment! But I made a healthy lunch (first time cooking in my new place!) and vacuumed the apartment. I'm ready to start the new week and I feel like running this weekend will give me the "umf" I need to continue exercising throughout the week. We'll see!

Also, I think Sasha has a problem. She's a little lazy...she likes to take naps in front of the TV.

Poor thing is having a tough time adjusting to her new life.


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