Prince Butterfly

Friday, October 7, 2011

You know those slow mornings? The ones where it's hard to get out of bed? The ones where you wake up five times in the middle of the night and someone somewhere is watching obnoxious tv and oh my god I really shouldn't have eaten all those nachos I feel like I might throw up maybe I should go try but getting up seems like too difficult a task and please Sasha stop licking my neck?


Well I had one of these mornings. Woke up late. Nothing to wear. Cat nearly knocked the TV off the dresser. Shit I screwed up my eyeliner. Oh well, my hair will just be greasy today.

And I'm a morning person.

The 1 train stopped just as I was trying to go into the subway and I had to wait for all 5,000 people to exit before I could go in. But the D was on time and everything was good except for my heavy eyelids and messed up makeup (maybe I can start a trend? Mismatched eye makeup?). I got off the subway at the Broadway/Lafayette stop and made my way towards the office.

As I turned right onto Prince street there was an orange butterfly fluttering down the middle of the street. I kept worrying that it would get hit by a car, but there didn't seem to be many cars out this morning. I started wondering where is came from. It's October! What is it doing out here? It's not butterfly season, I don't think. Maybe it came from Washington Square Park or Tompkins Square. But if I remember correctly, there aren't many flowers in those areas. Hmm...

Either way it looked really pretty and made me stop to think for a moment. Also I was listening to Moby's "Beautiful" at the time so I'm sure that added a little more emotion to the moment. I mean, how random, and also how beautiful, to see a butterfly sauntering down the street. Maybe it was heading over to Delicatessen for brunch. Who knows?


evermore said...

Maybe it was on it's way to the Conservatory...

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