This week:

Friday, September 30, 2011

This week I:

  • Fell down a flight of stairs while dropping garbage and a box of wooden wall shelves causing residents to poke their heads out their doors to ask if I was ok
  • Got attacked by my cat as I attempted to force eye-goop (this is the technical term) into her infected eye
  • Found out my ex is engaged
  • Drank (almost) an entire bottle of wine by myself
  • Ripped my favorite jeans
  • Broke a wineglass at work
  • Got rain water spilled directly onto my head by the asshole who decided to close his umbrella over my head right as we entered the subway
  • Got stuck underground and in between stations for 25 minutes (with head still wet)
  • Talked (quite pathetically) about the Photographer I've been seeing for the past couple months to my room mates and coworker friends
  • Left the Photographer's apartment (quite pathetically) when he told me he had "a sexual relationship on the side"
  • Found myself standing on a dark corner in Brooklyn at 12am on a school night wondering where the fuck I was and how the fuck I was going to get somewhere that looked vaguely familiar
  • Realized I left my ring at the photographer's place, meaning that I will undoubtedly have to see him again (unless by some miracle I can convince K to go get it for me....this might be the best (most immature) option)
Nygirl3:0 New York: 1,000,000


Chevon J. - La Bella Vita said...

Wow. Sounds like you had a pretty aweful week. That almost guarantees that next week will be better by default. Things can only get better! I hope that helps.

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