New York: Pros and Cons

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I've recently begun my second year of living in New York. While it's been an incredible time for personal growth and full of daunting challenges, recently I find myself wondering when I will be making the move back to California. Can you still call yourself a California girl if you haven't lived there for 6 1/2 years? My home is feeling far away and I'm starting to ponder what the future holds. And with that, I give you my pros and cons about living in New York (I realize that a lot of these are personal):

  • Central Park and Riverside Park
  • Fall in New York: Colorful trees and beautiful pathways
  • Taxis anywhere at anytime; no drinking and driving
  • Cobblestone streets
  • Incredible summer moments at rooftop parties
  • There's always something new and exciting to do
  • There's always someone new and exciting to meet
  • You can wear anything and get away with it
  • Opportunity: one moment you are wondering what you will do that night, the next thing you know you're best friends with someone who can get you into the coolest places
  • Food. Bakeries. 24 Hour delivery. Any food you can think of at any time.
  • The way the sun hits the buildings at sunset
  • That goosebumpy feeling you get when you see the skyline after being away for any period of time
  • Christmas time in the city. Ice skating and Bryant Park and 5th avenue. The carts that sell roasted nuts on the street corners
  • The Hampton Jitney
  • Men in suits
  • Culture. Film festivals. Farmers' markets. Street music. Street vendors. Street performers.
  • Community gardens
  • Fireflies
  • "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere" is probably true
  • Warm summer nights
  • Drinking is more accepted than bathing
  • The people are (mostly) real and don't carry the "fake LA vibe" with them
  • Being squished in a subway with a million other sweaty people
  • Not being able to wear your cute shoes because you have to walk everywhere
  • Winter. Specifically January-April
  • Rats. Cockroaches. Bed Bugs. Mosquitoes (surprisingly).
  • Too-tiny-to-live-in-for-this-price apartments
  • Messy room mates in small spaces
  • No ocean in which to dip your feet, no pool to lay by
  • A swim suit is not acceptable attire
  • No private yards
  • Rain. All. The. Time.
  • Pushy people. Rude people.
  • Men in New York. Dating in New York. It almost always involves alcohol. And then before you know it you've been dating someone for two months and you can't really be sure who they are
  • Tourists
  • Inability to cook for yourself because you are out every night
  • Summertime body odor (not mine)
  • Cars that drive up beside you and splash mud water on you. Although maybe that can happen other places too
  • Your neighbors can hear everything! (What? I sing and play piano here people!)
  • Inability to have time to yourself, I mean complete alone time
  • Food. Bakeries. 24 Hour delivery. Any food you can think of at any time. Hence I eat too much here.
  • Drinking is more accepted than bathing; hence I drink too much here
  • My friends are mostly in California
  • I have no car. I miss driving.
I'm sure I can think of plenty more for both categories, but it's a start!


Lan Chi Pham said...

I am debating about moving to New York City myself, and this list has been helpful. While a lot of the things here do not apply to me, it is good to know them anyway just in case my friends or acquaintances who also want to move to New York. I also hate driving so New York's 24/7 subway system is what really tempts me to move there. I won't miss having to deal with a car at all. Again, thank you for your list.

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