Young fall...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today I had a "fall day" with a friend of mine. We had brunch, went for a long walk through the park, and ended at Filene's Basement buying cheap tights! The trees aren't quite turning yet, but they are on their way and fall is in the air. This is what we saw...

Who wears leather pants, high stilettos, and a fur coat in the middle of the park? Honestly, how was she walking around??

This man was actually singing. He was rowing the boat/gondola singing in a very opera-like voice. I can't say that if I was one of those people I would like that. Romantic in theory....weird in life.

I want to put these all over my apartment. I wonder....can you actually eat them?

Yay pumpkins!!! I want one! Except I'd never be home to see it and I really don't think that you can just set carved pumpkins outside your apartment door. Oh well. I'll just watch them in passing!


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