The Landlord From Hell!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm going to fill you in on some nasty things. Our ex landlord is the biggest asshole that ever walked the planet. Here's why:

Last week, I called to let him and the super know that I would be dropping off my keys, but that K would still be moving out until September 1st. I wrote my name and address down on a piece of paper, put it and my keys in a plastic bag, and dropped them under my super's door.

The next day, when K went to move the second half of her things, she found the apartment completely empty. He had THROWN AWAY all of her belongings! Her bed, shoes, clothes, food, athletic gear, everything. She called me in tears. How dare he do that to her! I'm appalled. I told her to go straight to small claims but she said she was too busy and too lazy. Oh well then. I hope she's able to get some redemption out of him.

Then, the second straw. Today I emailed the landlord to give him my new address so that he could send me the security. He responded back saying that I owed him rent through December! I went through my past emails, found the email he sent us stating that we could vacate early, and wrote him back saying that if he was planning on pursuing this I would take him to small claims. That shut him up. He apologized for the misunderstanding. Haha...sure...a misunderstanding.

Anyway, on a happier note, my mom was here with me this weekend and we FINALLY got the new apartment set up so that it is livable! I'm so excited to live in a new home that really feels like a home, not a prison sentence. I got a battery for my camera so I'll post pictures of my neighborhood soon!

All is much better now than it was a month ago, and I'm so excited to start this new chapter in my life.


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