And NOW I know I'm in New York

Monday, July 5, 2010

So I'm just wrapping up my weekend on this hot Monday morning. Having a slow morning; drinking coffee, job searching, and looking forward to a slow day. This weekend was awesome.

Friday after work I had drinks with the VP of the department that I intern for. I really enjoy his company and the two of us get along pretty well. I took the opportunity to ask him how he got where he is, and what his ambitions are. In turn, he was very supportive of my will to move into the company.

After drinks with him, I met up with K at Levain Bakery (supposedly known for the best cookies in New York. Frankly, I've had better.) And the two of us started to make plans for the evening. After we got home, however, neither of us were feeling much like going out so we picked a great alternative....we decided to go see Eclipse. I know, I know. The movie was awesomely bad and K and I laughed our way through it. Good times. In addition, we decided to talk in a British accent and in rhyme for the evening. This was especially funny when K went to order frozen yogurt and couldn't stop laughing. The girl at the counter was so excited to meet us because she will be studying in London in a few months. So we recommended some things for her.

Saturday was an awesome day. K and I decided to go to the lower east to a flea market and then work our way up through some museums. The flea market was smaller than we expected, and we spend the rest of the day walking through little vintage shops. We walked up through Union Square and through another huge flea market. It was so much fun to look at all of the interesting and colorful foods, clothing, furniture, etc. By the time we finally reached the museum of sex, our first museum stop, our feet were killing us and we were exhausted from the heat. We walked in the museum, saw that it was nearly 20 dollars to get in, and turned around and walked out. Screw that. I don't have a job.

We got home and took a 2 hour nap before getting ready to go meet K's friends for dinner at a steakhouse called Del Friscos. We got dressed up and headed out. The evening was perfect! It was warm, but not too hot, and the sky was clear. We met K's friends at the restaurant which is right next to Radio City and has floor to ceiling glass panels which make you feel like you are eating outside. There were 9 of us total, and we had an awesome time drinking wine and getting to know each other. The bill must have been expensive, but the boys took care of it and we hopped in a cab over to a place called Hudson Terrace which is a rooftop club.

When we got there there was a line. We sneered, but went to the back. Somehow, K was able to convince the bouncer that we knew some promoter and we got to go to the front and straight up (no cover for girls, of course.) The club was packed with people and there was very little room for dancing. While overall I like the idea of the Hudson Terrace, the walls are too high and I felt as though I missed out on the rooftop experience. We stayed for a couple hours, but by 3am it was time to go home.

Sunday was 4th of July. K went with some of her friends to a beach bbq. I passed and decided to stay home and get some cleaning done instead. Yes, I can't stand it when things are dirty. I went for a long walk through riverside (4 1/2 miles through the heat is rough) and had a day to myself, which was nice. When K got home around 5, she told me she was meeting a friend at a party in midtown. So she and I got ready and headed downtown to 46th st. The party was at an apartment right ear the Hudson. At 9pm everyone headed upstairs to the roof. Climbing onto that roof was like climbing into a moving picture. I could see the sun setting over the Hudson, the first star in the sky, and the dozens of sky scrapers all around me. That is what I remember about New York from the last time I was here; the feeling of amazement at where I am and complete happiness. The fireworks started at 9:30 and lasted until 10. Even though I don't like fireworks, these were awesome.

After the party, K and I had dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant which was really good and then headed back home to crash. Today? I think K and I are going shopping for some things for our apartment. Tomorrow is back to the grind.


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