A woman on the elevator....

Monday, August 30, 2010

This weekend was largely uneventful. I spent all of my downtime cleaning, doing laundry, getting organized, and recovering from being sick. I went to the clinic inside of Duane Reade up the street from my office. Of course, they tried to stick needles in me LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO!! She thought that maybe I had mono. Obviously, I did not allow her to finger prick me (who does that?) and she gave me an antibiotic instead, which has helped tremendously. I was able to make it to the gym this weekend for the first time in over a week, and I made a little bit of money at the cafe. Rent is paid, and I'm ready for September. I heard somewhere that it's one of the most beautiful months in the city. The weather has warmed up again, and I'm excited to enjoy summer's last hours before fall.

I had a really interesting experience on Friday night. I had seen my friend N that afternoon (she just moved here after finishing grad school at BU) and K went out to a friend's birthday party. I went downstairs to pick up a package my mom had sent me. I was on my way back up the elevator when this woman started talking to me. She was talking about film and art school and movies...bla bla bla. She ended up getting out of the elevator with me and talking to me in the hallway in front of my apartment for THREE HOURS! Seriously. I was still talking to her when K got back from her party. While I found the woman (who was in her sixties) very interesting....I didn't exactly want to be standing there for that long. I needed to catch up on my sleep!! She told me about all the famous movie directors she has slept with...and talked a lot about astrology....it was weird. I feel like in a way I was meant to meet this woman. I really enjoy the company of older friends and perhaps I'll have a new one in her. But next time I'll make sure there are chairs around, and that I have a reason to leave early.

On a positive note, I've managed to be hired as a freelance editor for a few days at the company I'm interning for. Yay! It will be nice to put something new on my resume. I'm just working on a project for them today and tonight it's off to Cafe Lalo to work. Hopefully I'll make some money!


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