Inside I'm fainting and outside it's gloomy.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Its been a rainy few days. I like this because I've come down with a cold and would prefer to stay in bed reading than be outside and if it was sunny I would feel guilty for staying in. I really didn't do much this weekend.

On Friday I went to Cafe Lalo for my second day of training. 7pm-4am. Long shift! I met a few girls who I really like and I enjoyed spending time with them. The servers do very little compared to my old restaurant job in California, except that it is usually very busy as it is a famous restaurant. Staying up until 4am, however, is very brutal. I was meant to go in on Saturday as well for my last day of training but I wasn't feeling well and stayed home instead. I arrived at 7pm last night to make up for Saturday. I had stayed in bed all day yesterday until 6pm just sleeping and trying to feel better. Not fifteen minutes into the shift I was convinced I was dreaming and only realized I wasn't when I felt a bunch of hands on me. I had fainted and the other servers caught me as I was going down. They sat me down and I drank a glass of sugar water. I left for the day and will still need to make up that last training day, though I am already scheduled to work Thursday and Sunday of this week. It was truly an embarrassing experience.

Rain is the forecast for the rest of the week. I really don't mind it right now. I wish my apartment was a little cozier and a little less....bare. I'm excited to see how fall looks in NYC. I can't believe I'm already heading into my third month here. Perhaps a career is around the corner?


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