And I'm now employed

Friday, August 20, 2010

I took Tuesday off from my internship to search for jobs and interviewed for a hostess position and Cafe Lalo. I truely didn't expect to hear back, as no one has hired me thus far, so I was very surprised when they called me on Wednesday and asked me to come in as a server. Of course I said yes. I love Cafe Lalo. Their food is spectacular, organic, and fresh, and it is the cutest little place. Only problem is, their hours are very long. Nine hours a shift. I have three training days before I actually get to move onto the floor and yesterday was my first. I was on my feet from 8 to 5 and really didn't participate in anything too spectacular. Compared to my last serving job, these girls do nothing. All they do, truly, is take orders and run food. I can do that. The outfits are kind of ugly though (black miniskirts with pink leggings and white tops during the day), but the good news is it's only four blocks from my apartment. I can do that. The bad new is night shifts are generally from 7pm to 4am. That's what I'll be working today, after my internship. Its a 16 hour workday. Welcome to the real world right? Then tomorrow I work the same shift and then I'll officially be able to take my own tables. Good. Some money. FINALLY!

Now....about that career of mine....?


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