It's September

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hello all,
It is officially September in New York. The weather has cooled...slightly, and things are moving along...slowly. I'm still working at Cafe Lalo though I look forward to the day I can quit. Things are done very backward at that place and I can't help but wish to be employed elsewhere.

My friend N (the one who just moved to New York) has just informed me that she got a job with Marc Jacobs and is moving into a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment. I can't help but examine my living-in-a-hole-working-in-a-restaurant-what-am-I-really-doing-here-in-New-York-anyway-life. I'm waiting to hear back about the position I applied for, though my fingers aren't exactly crossed. I feel my confidence fading and my jealousy of N rising (though I am happy for her, of course). I spent this weekend doing....not much. I've been getting back into a more stable work out routine and took my first yoga class in like 3 years (which I'm STILL sore from). I'm going to try to come into the office five days a week as it seems both of the fall interns have backed out and they will need someone to be here. For now I guess I'm feeling....stagnant.

Or maybe I just haven't been consuming enough vodka.


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