New Yorkers beware: Rapid Realty

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So everything has been going great. I'm almost completely settled into the new place. Roaches are under control thanks to my mom purchasing the "roach hotel." It's worked wonders, although it is gross to find dead roach bodies, but I suppose that's what vacuums are for. Once my room mate sets up her bed we can begin to get all of her things out of boxes and really get settled.

Work is going really well. I persuaded two of my friends from my summer internship to come and look at my new office and I think they want to bring projects here in the future which is great. It will be so nice to see my friends in the office and I really think it helped to earn me some brownie points at work.

The past few days have been wonderful! The weather has been great (a warm 40 degrees!) and it has really lifted my spirits. I can't wait till spring!! I went for a run on Sunday and worked out this morning. I'm feeling good now that my life is starting to figure itself out.

Now for the griping. As you may recall, it took K and I three weeks and many threatening emails and phone calls to convince Rapid Realty to finally give us a check for our Brooklyn deposit refund. After taking an hour to get to the Brooklyn office and waiting for three for an incompetent woman to write a check, K and I thought we would finally be through with them. Ha. Upon returning home yesterday I received a copy of the check in the mail; it had bounced. Fuck fuck fuck. I was so pissed I could barely speak clearly as I left an irate message on the woman's cell phone. I then proceeded to call the office and handed the phone over to K who told her that she would be a check for our owed amount plus the bank fee I have been charged to us or we would be going to small claims. I really really hope we get this money. I will be thoroughly upset if this does not work out. Our treatment by this company and, in particular this woman, has been completely outrageous. I don't understand how one person can treat another this way. I can safely say that I will NEVER deal with them again and I warm everyone else against them. This is just ridiculous.

Anyways, griping aside, Valentine's day is coming up and I am really excited. K's friend C is going to be in town and the three of us are going out to dinner and then out after that. We're putting on fancy dresses and celebrating the couples' holiday as singles. I'm sure it will be a blast!

More later...


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