The Move

Monday, January 31, 2011

I sit here composing this blog with aching shoulders, weak biceps, an quads that feel like jelly. The big move was this past weekend and my body is still feeling the effects. I have to say that after moving all of that stuff I don't know if I'll ever move out of there....until the lack of closet forces me too.

So Saturday morning my mom arrived at the apartment. Of course, the people who were supposed to be there to help us unload did not show. But such is life. So K and I schlepped a truck-full of boxes and furniture up three flights of stairs. After two hours of hauling, K was able to get a few of her guy friends to come and move the larger furniture pieces, thank god, and so they took care of the hardest bits.

After emptying the last of the Virginia boxes, we drove the truck over to West End, where we proceeded to load all of our clothing and such into the truck. We had a lot more stuff than we originally thought. By the time we finally managed to load all of our stuff into the truck, it was full again! Did I mention that we were not allowed to bring our things through the front door and instead had to wheel them from the side of the building around to the front (through the snow) using a little cart the doorman lent us? was not very fun and many of our things ended up in muddy snow puddles. But, we got the truck loaded for the second time and made it over to the new apartment where K and I started the moving process all over again.

The apartment looks even smaller with all our things in it- especially when everything is in disarray. Before we could even begin to figure out how to start unpacking, we had to drive the truck all the way uptown to return in to the nearest Uhaul location. By the time we returned the the truck and subwayed back downtown it had been 12 hours since we started! Exhausting.
The good news is that we went for dinner at an Indian place which was delish and were still able to somehow get my bed set up and go to sleep afterward.

Saturday was part 1 of "room organization." I spent a lot of time cleaning dead roach bodies off of everything (freakin eaw!!!) And my mom and I were able to build shelves in my room and put together the garment rack. Not having a closet is going to be really challenging for me. I know I'll get used to it and figure out where everything will go, but right now it's a little frustrating not having a lost of space.

Speaking of frustrating....I'm still working on the cockroach situation in our apartment. So far they have seemed less....around...but I've still seen a few live ones since moving in. Yesterday, K left a bag of grapes on the counter and within the hour there were two inside the bag. Disgusting. I really need to get some spray and work on keeping those suckers exterminated. And we need to keep the trash in the hall instead of in the apartment. Hopefully K can keep up with that so we don't end up living with roaches everywhere!

I'm at work today but feel bad that my mom is still here by herself while I'm working. It's good she's here because she's going to get a lot done, but I wish I could be working on the apartment with her instead of working. I guess I better get used to this whole 9-6 job thing!


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