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Friday, February 25, 2011

Currently, I'm sitting at my desk listening to a playlist of the best Disney songs that I found on StumbleUpon, the website which I find myself visiting increasingly each day. It's a very gray rainy day but that's ok because it's not snowing and it's not freezing.

Work has been really fun lately. I've been staying later, but I'm getting to know the people more and I really enjoy my coworkers. We have a new intern who I'm teaching phone duties so that I can hopefully take some time to go and sit in with the editors and learn some things.

The Oscars are on Sunday!! My picks are for Black Swan and The King's Speech. I thought they were the best, though I haven't seen True Grit or 127 Hours. Frankly, I'm not sure why Social Network did as well as it did. I didn't find it that good and I honestly can't say I was impressed by anything about it. I did like The Kids are Alright, but it doesn't stand out in my memory as much as the others do. I don't have plans yet for the Oscars. I might invite a friend over to watch or something, I don't know.

On a sadder note, Jake, my cat had a lump removed yesterday which we think might be cancer. Poor little guy is so sickly. I hope he recovers well and turns out to be ok.

Friday came so fast this week! We should have three day weekends every week, that's my verdict. Tonight I think I might be having cocktails with some friends from my past internship, and I look forward to that. I'm really anxious to get out living room set up so that I can have friends over and not feel embarrassed about the apartment. It's difficult to make plans during the week because sometimes I have to stay late for work, but I really don't mind because I could really use the overtime right now. I figure it's best to stay late and save up in the winter months when I don't want to be outside.

I've been feeling stressed out lately, though I'm not sure why. Everything has been going my way and I've accomplished everything that I've wanted to and everything I came here to do. For right now I'm pretty satisfied. I suppose I'm feeling a little homesick. I miss my family and my house. I'd like to spend a pool day with the fam boogie board surfing. Oh yes, I do miss the California sun and I'm so looking forward to my next visit...whenever that might be. I'm not used to not being able to jump on a plane and fly home for the weekend. I was looking up flights yesterday and to go next month it would cost me $700!!! Oh well. I'm sad that I'm missing everyone's birthdays, but I think my sisters are going to visit in July so I'm looking forward to that. Now if only I could get my dad out here...

I guess these uneasy feelings could be due to a lot of things. This year has been one of the most stressful in my life. I've graduated from college, moved 3 times, (once across the country), been unemployed and job searching, been discouraged in the job hunt, lost my cat I had my whole life, about to lose my childhood dog, have a cat with cancer, and two ailing grandparents who haven't had the best years themselves, health-wise. On top of this, paying bills and learning how to live independent is difficult for a first timer. And man, working 5 days a week up to 10 hours a day really wears on a person! In Tucson I just wanted to be out but I do miss the days of one class and then an open schedule. Oh well. That's life I guess.

Now who wants to come visit me in New York?


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