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Monday, February 28, 2011

So of course I watched the Oscars yesterday from start to finish and loved every minute of it. There were a few moments that I found a little uncomfortable, and some wins I didn't agree with, but that's true of every year. Lets start with arguably the most important part of the Oscars: fashion. Here are my top picks:

#1: Jennifer Lawrence
Her dress was so simple but it fit her beautifully. I'm a big fan of simple dresses and she looked just flawless. The only thing wrong with her? It kind of irks me that she was in Winter's Bone. My college professor's friend wrote this film and as students we had to use it for scene studies. We all hated it terribly and dubbed it "Winter's Boner." Ironic that it was nominated for best picture....

#2: Amy Adams
I'm a huge fan of Amy Adams. I think she's a terrific actress. No, I did not see The Fighter, but I loved this dress! The blue brought out her eyes and I'm a huge fan of sequins. At first I thought the necklace was too much, but overall, I really loved this look. You didn't see any other blues of this color on the carpet either.

#3: Halle Berry
I mean come on, does this girl ever NOT look good? No. This dress was the essence of Oscar glamor and she looked flawless. There's really no need for other words.

#4: Hillary Swank
I loved this dress! Usually, I'm not a fan of feathers, but this was really elegant and very "Oscar night."

#5: Celine Dion
Although this was a really simple dress, she looked really stunning. I would kill for that hair! The dress was also very age appropriate.

#6: Scarlett Johansson
I'm not sure this really qualifies as an Oscar dress but I really liked it, especially the opening in the back.

#7: Sandra Bullock
This is a classic Oscar dress and I thought she looked really good, though I would have liked to see er wearing a more dramatic earring or necklace.

#7: Mila Kunis
Once again, not sure if it is really an Oscar dress but I loved it! The lavender is really unique and the lace is so feminine. I wasn't expecting to see her in something so soft.

Honorable mentions:

Reese Witherspoon. I loved her hair and earrings, but I thought her dress was a bit bland.

Michelle Williams: The nude color looked really good on her and I loved the sparkles, but I wasn't so crazy about the high neck, which made too many appearances, I think.

Anne Hathaway. She looked really good in the red dress she arrived in, and I'm going to consider that her official Oscar dress despite the 8 costume changes, all of which I loved.

Jennifer Hudson. She looks terrific! The red looked great on her and she seemed really happy. I wasn't a huge fan of the cleavage though.

And now onto the bad. My opinion seems to be clashing with celebrity fashion police on some of these but I just cant figure them out. Here are my top picks for worst dressed:

#1: Nicole Kidman
It pains me to say this because I like Nicole Kidman, but what was going on with this dress? It washes her out and is unflattering. I don't like the red shoe with it, I don't like the hair, and I don't like the little man tagging along behind her. I'm disappointed, Nicole.

#2: Cate Blanchett
Lots of people seem to like this dress. I can't understand why. Ok, the color is good....but what's with the big circle on the chest? And the yellow on the back with the cut off cape-looking thing?

#3: Florence Welch
Remember those dresses your mom used to make you wear when you were five that itched and zipped up the back so you couldn't get them off yourself and you were claustrophobic and couldn't breath and your skin turned red??? That's what this is. But worse.

#4: Marisa Tomei
Ok. This just looks like a cat got a hold of one side of the dress and tore it to shreds but she decided to wear it to the Oscars anyways.

#5: Gweneth Paltrow
I know a lot of you won't agree with me on this, but I think this dress sucked. What is with the rectangular neckline? She looks like she was trying to promote an upcoming film which takes place in a future in which women dress really badly. I will admit I like the silvery color, but the design totally turned me off. And her hair. And her awful performance which was painful to watch much less listen to.

Honorable Mentions:

Mandy Moore. I liked the dress until the camera panned down and the glitter ended. It was just weird.

Penelope Cruz. She always looks fabulous! So then why did she look like she was going to the prom? I'm not going to say anything about her cleavage being too much because I know she just had a baby. And I guess I just said her cleavage was too much.

An interesting year for Oscar fashion that's for sure. A lot of red and a lot of high necklines. I thought Anne Hathaway did a good job hosting. I really liked her even though some people are complaining that she was a bit over-the-top. I mean come on people, she had to do something to counteract the weirdness that is James Franco, right? Speaking of which, he's a weirdo. I'm not sure what else I can say about that. You know who really freaked me out? This guy:

I literally had to put down my cheese and cracker.

Now, onto the awards. Yay for Natalie Portman and Collin Firth! Both totally deserving. I'm really happy that The Social Network didn't win for best picture and that it was The King's Speech. While I thought that Black Swan and Inception would have been better picks, I still enjoyed The King's Speech and thought it was well done. I was happy that Inception won best visual effects, but thought it was also deserving of best score; Hans Zimmer is a genius.

Going back to The Social Network: can someone tell my why this movie was so special? I can't believe it beat out Black Swan for best editing, nor that it won best picture at the Golden Globes. Besides the fact that the film is incredibly relevant, I honestly can't remember one thing that I thought was outstanding about the film.

Inception was an interesting choice for best cinematography; I would have liked to see Black Swan win, or even The King's Speech, but I am happy Inception picked up some awards; it was definitely deserving.

Well that's it for another year! Can't wait to see what comes next.


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Cate Blanchett's dress looked very different still versus video. They need to start filming themselves and taking pictures in the dress before they commit! LOL

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