Spring is in the air

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Everyone has been saying that February is the most brutal month. "You think it's bad now...wait till February." But I have to say the weather has really been lifting my spirits. I never thought that I would speak a sentence like, "it's gonna be 40 degrees?!?! Sooo warm!!" But let me tell you, it's a lovely 44 degrees outside. I might just go lay in my bikini in Central Park. Well, maybe not quite yet.

My room mate is going to be gone this weekend and, as much as I love her, I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time alone. I don't think I've had a nice alone day since I got back from winter break. I'm going to clean the apartment to my liking, cook nice dinners, go grocery shopping (and put the groceries in my full-sized fridge!!!), and go for jogs/walks along the Hudson. Yes! And tomorrow is Friday so the weekend is almost here.

This last week was good. The dreaded Valentine's day was this past Monday, but I did not go without! My mom sent me a really really awesome snake ring and a new DVD to workout to. And I got roses and chocolate on the big day from a very good friend of mine. Very thoughtful and surprising. The roomie and I had planned on going to dinner and then out to a club on Monday. Her friend from high school was in town and we thought we would get a bunch of girls together for single fun. We got all dressed up and went out for dinner, but near the end of the meal we all felt too tired to go clubbing. It was a Monday night after all.

Work has been good. Honestly, sitting in the same chair for 10 hours a day is really starting to wear on me, but I just need to be patient. I really like my office and all the people in it, and I want to stay here and advance in this company. We'll see!


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