Overtime and downtime

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Working overtime when you have no money is a good thing. I spent two days this weekend working overtime and earned what I would have in a week otherwise. So I feel good about that. Now that I'm settled into my job, its kind of easy. Here's a list of things I do on a daily basis:
Answer calls
Send faxes
Receive faxes
Prepare invoices
Send invoices
Send Fedex packages
Send messengers
Order cars for clients
Order food for clients
Sign receipts for food for clients
Use filemaker to input sent items
Use Excel to organize and add bills
Keep track of what gets billed to what client
Tell clients where to go
Surf the internet

After leaning all the basics, the job became....easy. And now that I have succeeded in the apartment hunt I am not sure how to occupy my down time. Hence bogging. I go on Stumbleupon a lot, which is a really interesting website. But facebook and gchat just are not enough to fill my time. So today I tried something a little different. Desk exercises! Since I get up when it's dark out (and its really freaking hard to work out when its really still night time) I decided to be less lazy at the desk. So I did squats, lunges, and desk pushups. Hey, at least it's something. I suppose I'll be updating my blog more now that I have some more free time. I feel like I'm ready to move up!

Actually, last week I asked my supervisor if I could take some time to sit in with editors. She said it was ok, but she said "Ahh I can't believe you're trying to get off the desk already!"

Well...I need to have goals right? Though I feel fairly confident that I will move up in this company, so that's good. I talked to the tech guy (who I honestly can't stand) and he said he would install Photoshop on my computer. At least then I will be able to play around and learn a new program. That will be good. I've started watching After Effects tutorials. I can't play with the program at this computer, but at least this way I'll have a better understanding of it when I do manage to get my hands on it...I hope.

So for all of you tech people out there....anything I can do on the computer that would be more productive than just stalking my friends on facebook?


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