You ain't got no manners!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

After a few days of sickness I'm starting to feel better! This was the worst week I could have been sick. There's so much I need to do! I have to clean both apartments, pack, get my cable and electric all set up, and get my freaking deposit back from the Brooklyn apartment, among other things. Today K has a snow day (lucky!) so she's going to the Brooklyn Ikea to buy a bed. She better get that all figured out or she's not gonna have a place to sleep and I know she's not gonna be crawling in bed with me and my mom. Anyways, tonight we're going to clean the new place. Hopefully all the roaches will be exterminated!! If not, I'm going to buy some foam stuff that supposedly keeps them out of cracks and such...I dunno....I heard about it from my current landlord. Eek.

Another problem we've been having (which I'm hoping will be resolved today) is getting our deposit back from the Brooklyn apartment. We were told two weeks ago that we would get it back and up until this morning I've STILL been calling people trying to make sure we get refunded. I wrote my first big threatening real-life email yesterday! I told the broker that I would expect our refund by Friday or he would be hearing from my lawyer. I then proceeded to give him the name of a family friend, as my mother advised. Upon emailing said friend I realized that as a California lawyer he really has no pull here. It wouldn't matter anyway, as I seemed to light a fire under the broker's ass. I got a call from one of the office assistants right away. She gave me the number of another woman to call, who would supposedly write our checks. Why it takes 4 people to relay this information, I have no idea. Anyway, I called this woman repeatedly and, each time, she asked for my name. I must have given it to her three or four times. I soon learned that this could be a more difficult process than I thought. After several angry calls, she proceeded to ignore me, which caused me to look into small claims. The good news is, K texted me this morning to tell me the checks had been written and she is going to pick them up this afternoon. Thank god that's over hopefully the checks are there. Just another lesson to be learned in the big city.

So, as for the title of this blog: I observed something in the Time's Square station yesterday I thought was quite ironic. I was just making the train change between the N train and the 1 when a hurried bleached blond walked right in front of a woman pushing a large cart of some sort, nearly running into her. The woman who had been cut off immediately started screaming, "say excuse me! Come on fuckin' bitch, you ain't got no manners!" She continued to scream until I was far enough away that her yells were muffled by the clopping of commuters' wet boots against the ground. Now, I'm not suggesting that that the blond is in the right; both women were wrong to do what they did. I simply found it interesting that a woman would tell another she was impolite by screaming profanities for a good two or three minutes. I read a really interesting article yesterday about hypocrisy. It read "everyone is a hypocrite, and if they don't believe so than they are delusional." The article then went on to explain why, using scientific experiments to back it up. So as I watched this event unfold, I realized how true this statement must be. I've been hypocritical once or twice...ok...maybe more than once or twice. But what this woman did on the subway completely nailed it.


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