TRX is NOT for Sissies

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My weekend in Virginia was fantastic. I drank great wine, ate great food, relaxed....well, I relaxed and worked my butt off! My aunt goes to a personal trainer on Saturday mornings and she brought me along with her and signed me up for a TRX class. My options were spinning (which I find to be excessively boring), zumba (dancing around? ....something harder please), and TRX cross training. So I picked cross training. Can't be all that different from a Jillian Michaels work out video right?

At 9am on Saturday morning it was just me and two other people in the class; a man and a woman, both much older than me. Psf, I got this! Our class instructor gave us a cycle of exercises to do five times.

5 rolly-ab move things
10 push ups
10 pull ups (from the TRX rope)
15 kettle bell.....swings?

5 times

No problem, I do these moves anyway, I can do this. What I failed to consider was the fact that I have almost no upper body strength and that I'm very competitive. Also, since there were just three of us, the instructor was able to stare at us the entire time- very uncomfortable.

It started out ok. I was feeling confident. I was even doing the full push ups! But quickly, things went downhill. The other woman was somehow a cycle ahead of me and I got to the point (on my knees!) during push ups that I could go down...but I just couldn't...come back up! Needless to say it's been five days and I'm still in pain. But that's ok. I'm inspired to push harder and work out more often!

More updates on that later.


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