A Single Girl in New York

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I was thinking that this might be a more appropriate name to change my blog to. It makes a lot of sense. Valentine's day is approaching and my "date" (my friend H) will likely be doing something with the new guy she's dating, therefore my plans thus far consist of watching movies whilst eating copious amounts of chocolate and drinking at least one bottle of wine. I know I will enjoy that!

Yes, all us single girls know that Valentine's day, like Halloween, was invented by the candy companies to help sell chocolate. And to make single women (not men) feel bad. And I would have to say that I wouldn't be here complaining to you today (this is very Bridget Jones of me) if I didn't read a brutally honest article written by a New York city guy yesterday.

He makes a very good point. In New York, single women outnumber single men by 210,000. Why should a guy settle? He could meet his "dream girl" at Whole Foods on a Saturday morning and then run into an even better version of her that afternoon at the Union Square market. For every attractive, smart, funny single girl there are a hundred just like her. And yet we all want to be special and find the right guy, right? We all have great jobs, are stunningly gorgeous, have top-tier IQ's, and could give Tina Fey a run for her money in the humor department. Well, perhaps that's an exaggeration. But what's stopping a guy from hooking up with any girl he wants? Nothing, because if one girl can't give him what he's looking for there are ten more right behind her. The minute a guy decides he wants a relationship, he'll have no trouble finding one. Devastating, but true.

From Freshman year of high school until about Junior year of college I had a date almost every Valentine's day. It's just the past few years that I've been undeniably single, and that's ok, I'll make due. At least I have the memories of what it's like to receive chocolate and flowers on V day. I actually still have some "kiss kiss bears" in my childhood closet. But this year, I'll be buying the chocolate myself. Hell, I might even buy myself some roses for my room, because, well, why not?


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