The Ego Guy

Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm on a train. My very first Amtrack train experience. Some like it hot? Maybe...a little bit.

After working until at least 9 at night every night for the past three weeks on a greuling project, I'm looking forward to my weekend away at my aunt's. Being at her house is like being home, and I think some relaxing time is well deserved. Three day weekend, here I come!

The entire Amtrack system is really interesting. Essentially you just have to be there ten minutes before your train leaves and show your ticket and you're good to go. Cool- that was easy.

For the first half of the trip I sat next to an Coast Guard alumni. He talked briefly about how difficult it was and how he wouldn't change anything. One thing which I have yet to mention in previous blogs is the difference between west coast people and east coast people. There are many noticeable subtleties which can be observed on a daily basis, but one that I find fascinating is the differing view points of the military, navy, marine corps, what have you.

West Coast view: Military? Isn't that what people do when they don't want to go to college?

East Coast view: There are many different types of ways to serve your country: government, military, Coast Guard, Naval Academy, Airforce, Marine Corps.

I can't wrap my heard around it! My cousin is in the Naval Academy and that is the only reason I know anything about it. Apparently being in the Naval Academy means you are really smart and will be some sort of officer which, I gather, is a highly coveted role. There are football matches between...Naval colleges(?) and the entire east coast (outside of New York) seems to be really into them.

I'm digressing. What I was going to talk about was the "Ego Guy." I've met him before, many times. He is the reason I avoid bars and clubs, and largely the reason I think I'm judgmental of men upon first meeting.

Of course, he is the type I am initially attracted to (and I'm sure many other girls are too!) He dresses well: dark jeans, nice shirt, tailored jacket. Well groomed. Nice watch on his left wrist, the perfect amount of masculine product in his hair. Looking at this guy next to me, I notice that he has a fresher manicure than I do, which may or may not be really pathetic on either one of our ends. While pausing in between chapters of my book, he strikes up a conversation with me. My eyes immediately fly to the silver band on his left ring finger, and I question his motives. Are married men allowed to strike up conversation with young strangers on the train? I did notice that he sat next to me even though the two seats to his left were empty.

Immediately he jumped into talking about his start up company, and the other company he sold, and the funding he has for this company, and his actress friend in Hollywood, and his film friend in New York, and his huge property in the country with a large estate and his new apartment in Baltimore. Mmmmmkkkk.

See this is the thing guys. No girl wants you to ramble on about all your achievements and start name-dropping on first meeting. Yes, we want you to have these qualities, but do you have to be so cocky about them? My number one turn off is cockiness, yet it seems the world is full of them. But, I should add, on the other side of the spectrum are the shy, lazy, doing-nothing-with-their-lives kind of guys that are equally grotesque, yet which are more difficult to decipher because their quietness and awkward company might be endearing.

Is there no one with the perfect amount of balance in between these two extremes? Oh ya, they are all taken.

Has my blog turned into a dating blog? God help me. I promise to report on interesting non-guy happenings in the very near future.

Who's excited for the Oscars next weekend?!


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