Come back sun!

Friday, April 29, 2011

I miss the California weather. I even miss the Arizona weather! But while New York has remained mostly rainy with dark cloudy skies, the weather has shown breaks of sun here and there and it really changes my mood. When I walk outside in the morning and the sun is shining I just feel so great and happy and ready for the day. But when it's cold or rainy I just feel so angry at the city.

These past few weeks I've been taking time to notice how the trees have been changing. A few weeks ago little white flowers started cropping up everywhere and I was so excited to see them! Today I was waiting to cross the street on the way to work and I looked down the street and could see green trees as far down as seven or eight blocks. I love the city when the weather is warm. I feel like I'm coming out of hibernation.

Work has been going really well. I've trained the new receptionist and so I've been off the desk which is fabulous! My new official title is 2nd assistant editor. I like that way better than receptionist. I've been working in the vault where I'm basically in charge of tracking down elements from old jobs (like tapes, dvds, and hard drives), boxing them up, and shipping them back to the agency. It's good because I'm learning more about how the company runs and how important it is to keep track of everything. In another two weeks I'll start doing assistant work like looking for old spots, archiving current jobs, and helping out other assistants with little tasks. I'm so excited that I'm finally going to be doing what I came to the city to do. In my spare time I've been trying to teach myself After Effects and Photoshop. I should really just bite the bullet and buy the entire Adobe program but it's just so freaking expensive I can't bring myself to do it.

Things are better between me and my room mate as well. I definitely feel as though I've done my part to loosen up and she seems to be making an effort to keep herself neater, so that's really helped tame my anger as well as better our relationship. I feel happy to see her again, and that's really important.

We threw a big party at work last night for a new editor we just hired. I worked alongside the new receptionist at bartending and clearing dishes all night. I was really tired at the end but I earned some extra money, and, not to mention a hangover. The owner of the company said he was really impressed with what we were able to put together and that he'd like to do more parties in the future, so I look forward to that.

Overall things are going really well. I'm feeling a bit homesick for my family as well as my home. I really want to take a trip back home soon so I think I might start looking into that, it all just depends on how busy work is in the summer, and if they will be open to letting me take a week off being so new. I think my sisters are going to try to come this summer which would be really fun.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair done and then I'm going to go to the farmer's market in Union Square. They have the best fresh food there. Produce and jams and cheeses and wine and art. It will be so nice to take a walk outside and look at all the yummy treats. Then on Sunday my friend KS and I are going to have a little picnic in Central Park. Can't wait for summer weather!!

K and I really do live in a great location. We're in walking distance to the Frying Pan and the Boast Basin, two of our favorite summer time spots. K's dad also bought her a summer share at a house in the Hamptons for the summer so I see a few beach trips in my near future, the first being on memorial day weekend.

So, what's next? Asking for a raise. Any advice?


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