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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I had a thought the other day. I was running with my room mate along the Hudson river. Spring had finally hit and the air was a perfect temperature. Pink flowers were in bloom and happy people walked their happy dogs at dusk. Endorphins were rushing through my body and even though I was physically pushing myself to continue running, I was feeling so good. That's when I realized that I've made it.

When I was a little girl I didn't fantasize about my future husband. I wasn't sure what kind of wedding dress I wanted or where I wanted to get married. I never thought about being rich or dreamed of one day owning a mansion on the beach (though I can't deny I think about that now). When I was a little girl I always imagined I'd have an apartment with my best friend- like a permanent sleep-over.

When I was in college I wasn't so concerned with what my job would be after graduation. I wasn't freaking out about moving away from Arizona, nor was I longing for one more year of college the way some of my friends were. When I was in college all I wanted to do was to move to New York. K and I would talk on the phone about how one day we would live together in the city.

Dreams don't always come true the way you imagine them to. It's not all rainbows and butterflys, but that's life. It was on that run that I realized that I'm living my dream at 23. I'm living in the place that I've been longing for for so long. I'm living with my best friend. I'm working as an assistant editor, something I didn't even think was possible for me so soon.

It's not great all the time. The city pours rain all year long, my room mate is messy and has a serious ability to piss me off, and learning so much at work is daunting and I'm constantly wondering why I was even hired in the first place. But I'm doing it.

I've thrown all my energy into following my dreams and I've never let anyone stop or discourage me from doing what I want. I'm always looking forward to my next goal, but I'm also stopping to admire the present-because its so damn good.

If you'd have told me I would be doing all of this my senior year of high school, I wouldn't have believed you. It's incredible what can be accomplished in such a short period of time. Never doubt yourself because you're the only one that can get yourself where you want to go.

Or maybe I just got lucky.


wrighthawk said...


Good luck is where preparation meets opportunity. It sounds great that you are enjoying your journey while not taking anything for granted. Keep pushing yourself.

Appreciate spring in NYC because summer is coming.

Uncle Ken

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