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Monday, March 21, 2011

It seems like every time I turn around something needs to be fixed. Or paid. Or dealt with. What is this?! My cable breaks -gotta buy a new one. Rent's due -pay up. My refrigerator isn't cold enough -must call super. Will there ever be a day when I can relax and I don't have to call someone to fix something? And you can never just call them once and give them a heads up; it always takes three or four times. And then you feel like a complete bitch because by the fourth time that you call you're so angry that you start using harsher language and speak in a very unfriendly tone. I didn't want to go there. Just do what you said you were going to do! If you said you would fix the oven on Monday, why is it Friday and still not fixed?!

This weekend I had to walk all the way uptown to argue with a very rude pharmacist about why I can only transfer my prescription once a month. I can't transfer the remainder in its entirety; I have to remember to do it each month. Which is great because that means I get to call both pharmacies and haggle with them three more times before my prescription is up.

My Kindle had officially kicked the bucket so I had to call customer service to request that they send me a new one. If you ever have problems with your Kindle I guarantee it will take you at least fifteen minutes to actually find the help number. You'd think with all the "customer service" and "help" links on their website it would be easier to locate a contact number. Companies nowadays are similar to generation Y: they want to decrease actual human interaction and instead do everything online. I looked everywhere for that damn number! When I finally found it I had to go through four or five menus to actually be able to speak to a representative. It seems as though they will do everything they can to avoid speaking to you in person. The same thing goes for doctor's offices, drug stores, restaurants, and the post office. No matter how many times I say "representative" the computer person insists that I punch in a series of numbers to help them "better assist me." However, when I finally do reach a live person, they just transfer me back over to someone else who puts me on hold, or to another set of prompts. I'm fed up.

Is this what being an adult is about?


Kris said...

The answer is YES. It never ever stops. ever.

NYgirl3 said...

Well, I would like it very much if it would. See, this is why your "women had it great in the 50's" idea totally holds up.

Kris said...

I told Derek about that too and he was like, we'll you'd have to deal with your husband cheating on you at the office... to which I replied... what makes you think I wouldn't hire a hot pool boy? And gardener... and personal trainer? The list goes on! LOL

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