Today is better than yesterday

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm at the office gearing up for a late night at the cafe. But I've got some pretty exciting news!

Yesterday, the artist Sia was in the building and I got to watch her perform a few songs on the floor below me. That was pretty cool. Sometimes artists that come into the building do small performances for the staff. Earlier this summer Hanson was here....but honestly I wasn't that interested in hearing now grown men sing mmbop. But I was quite start struck with Sia so I put her latest CD on my ipod when I got home last night. I've been so worried about finding employment and having to work at the cafe forever that last night I needed a break and I bought a bottle of wine. Low and behold today I got hired as a freelance production assistant to help some higher-ups on a new project. Yay! Hopefully that will turn into something more! For now I'm really excited and I feel a lot more secure about everything. Now for my current list of goals:

1. Get a full-time position which will allow me to quit Lalo and develop a regular shcedule
2. Move into an apartment which feels like a home and not a campground
3. Furnish that apartment and decorate it so it feels even more like a home (and so it's nice to drink tea in a chair)
4. .......whatever comes next after those things.....

We'll see how everything goes!


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