Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I recently bought a groupon to a yoga place in my neighborhood that I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with. I did yoga pretty consistently in college but I've missed it since I moved to New York. I find it's difficult to find a teacher that I like; many teachers to a lot of chanting, meditation, or very slow movements. I want a yoga class that makes me sweat!

Enter YogaGil, the studio I'm now obsessed with. I found a teacher I really love (Lana is her name) and she is able to push me hard because the most people that I've ever had in a class are five! For New York, that's unheard of. I used to go to YogaWorks and you can't even stretch your arms out to the side. With the small classes I feel as though I'm getting private yoga instruction and I challenge myself because I'm more afraid of messing up! Anyway, as I sit at work every muscle in my body is aching and I'm loving every minute of it.

In other news, I'm waiting to hear from my sister if she's been accepted into Hunter College or not. If she does, there's a possibility of her moving in with me. I'm pretty sure my parents are against it, and perhaps I have selfish reasons for wanting her to move here, but it would be so great to get rid of my messy and sometimes stupid room mates (one left the oven on for the 3rd time last night!!) and live with my sister. It would just make my apartment feel more like home, and I wouldn't have to worry about having any awkward exchanges of any sort. My fingers are crossed that 1) she gets in and 2) she decides to come. We would have so much fun, especially since she's about to be 21!

It's only about 2 1/2 weeks now until H and I are going back home (to California) and I'm so excited about that. I'm looking forward to some time with my family and away from the city. Some warmer weather and sunshine couldn't hurt either. I can't wait to be strolling down this path:


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